• IIT Bombay Campus map (Isometric)

    Isometric view of IIT Bombay Campus

  • IIT Bombay Campus Map (2D)

    Two dimensional (2D) view of IIT Bombay campus

IITB Campus Map: prepared by Prof Mandar Rane (IDC) and Shishir Bhagade (IDC): Isometric and 2D view (use the side scroll arrow link to choose a different map).

How to Use

  1. Click  (twice with a pause) on the map to get a zoomed out view.
  2. Locate the name of the department/building from the list shown below (Isometric map) or to the right (2D map).
  3. Note down the grid coordinate, example A1, and the serial number.
  4. Locate the grid coordinate on the map using the guides provided on the outer border of the map
  5. Within this grid the serial number can be found, which shows the approximate location of the building.


While efforts have been given to render the locations accurately, it is possible that there are some errors in it. Please contact the author ( ) with the specific errors or omissions along with the closest grid coordinate to help improve the map.