Prof. Rohini M Godbole
Distinguished Alumna 2004
M.Sc, Physics Professor(1974)
Centre for Theoretical Studies, IISc Bangalore
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Dr. Mukta Ghate Farooq
Distinguished Alumna 2017
B.Tech, Metallurgical Engineering(1983)
Technology Leader for Advanced Silicon Packaging
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Dr. Vijaya Korwar Gallagher
Distinguished Alumna 2015
B.Tech, Electrical Engineering(1976)
Director, Advanced Systems at Space Systems Loral
LLC in Palo Alto, California, United States
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Dr. Marlene Kanga (Fernandez)
Distinguished Alumnus 2012
National Deputy President, Engineers Australia
B.Tech, Chemical Engineering(1976)
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Ms. Anuradha Narasimhan

Distinguished Alumnus Service 2016
CMO, Britannia Industries
B.Tech, Civil Engineering (1990)
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Ms. Parul Gupta

Distinguished Alumnus Service 2012
B.Tech, Electrical Engg (2002)
Analytics and renewable energy for IBM Research
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