• What is concept of women supernumerary seats enabling 14% for women candidates ?
    A decision has been taken at level of IIT Council to, inter alia, improve gender balance in the UG Programs at IITs from current(approx) 8% to 14% in 2018-19 by creating supernumerary seats specifically for women candidates, without any reduction in the number https://www.jeeadv.ac.in/Information-Brochure.html

  • Will supernumerary help me once I come inside IITB and in branch change internally ?
    Once you are inside the supernumerary concept is no longer valid. As far as branch change is concerned, it is directly based on merit. There is no differentiation between students whatsoever. In short, it is the student with the higher grade point who will get his/her preferred branch according to the official rules for change of branch .

  • Are there any Special Scholarships for women students ?
    Apart from Desai Sethi scholarship specifically for women students, you can find a detailed list of all scholarships here:

    1. http://www.iitb.ac.in/alumni/en/scholarships

    2. https://gymkhana.iitb.ac.in/~ugacademics/wiki/index.php/Scholarship

  • Is it true that lesser women students prefer mechanical/civil ?
    This is a myth. These two branches see as many women students as any other branch at IIT-B. In addition to this, increasingly women have decided to change to theses branches from their existing branches. It is a misconception that the job opportunities that mechanical/civil students are offered, limit to on-site work which was historically a concern. In the modern age, women also like exploring such opportunities and are encouraged to. However, for those who opt for off-site work profiles, there exist an amazingly wide range of opportunities. In addition to this there is cutting edge research going on these fields which one can choose to explore. The non-core opportunities see no difference with respect to any branch.

  • How safe is IIT-Bombay ?
    IITB can be considered as safe as your home. There is a 24 X 7 quick response team as well as a vigilance team to ensure your safety.

  • What is the accomodation scenario for women students ?
    All the women candidates have separate hostels . The incoming UG freshmen are alloted Hostel 15-C and in subsequent years they reside in hostel 10. Both these hostels are only girls hostel.

  • What are the laws against Sexual Harassment at IIT Bombay ?
    IIT Bombay's Women's Cell investigates sexual harassment complaints through the Internal Complaints Committee. A link to the document on Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act can be found here . Also, a handbook on Sexual Harassment of Women at Work-space can be found   here.

  • How is the interaction with senior students at IITB? Is there any ragging in the institute ?
    The junior-senior student interaction in IITB is quite conducive. However, the freshmen student hostels at IIT-B are located away from the senior hostels and for the first few weeks senior students are not allowed to visit freshmen hostels to prevent ragging. Moreover, providing freshmen with student mentors and faculty advisors has led to a complete eradication in ragging incidents in campus.

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