Ankita Sharma
Alumna of Batch 2011
B.Tech (Electrical Engineering)
MS ICME, Stanford University
Data Scientist at Microsoft, Seattle | Formerly Quant Analyst at FinMechanics
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I entered IIT Bombay to pursue Electrical Engineering when I had just turned 18. In the very first week I got a glimpse of wide range of talent on campus and it definitely was quite intimidating initially. But just by interacting with few seniors; I could sense humility and an eagerness to instill the skills they had picked up on their way. Whether be it sports, debating, robotics, dancing, dramatics, fine arts, music… and literally anything you can think of, there were good quality workshops for us to try it. Now having studied in Stanford University and having spent 4 years in industry, I now appreciate the academic freedom and opportunities IITB laid out for us.  The support of professors, and fellow student community we got was priceless as we grew into such diverse bunch far from home. I truly cannot imagine any other place as progressive, creative and humble at the same time.

Meghna Sreenivasan
Alumna of Batch 2014
Dual Degree Program
Senior Manager, Bajaj Finserv Direct | Formerly Associate at Bain & Company
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"My IIT Bombay experience has had so much influence on me today. Living right on (the beautiful) campus really puts you in the middle of a hundred different opportunities. Bombay is the liveliest city you could live in and I fell in love with its energy - even the drenching monsoons and the scorching summers. I personally got a great deal out of my involvement in different aspects of my IITB life - connection to the community via the student mentorship program, fun times from the literary arts club, friendship from my hostel and professional competence from academics and networking with peers and alumni. In particular, I got a chance to meet rounded women from all over the country who inspire me in so many ways - pursuing PhDs, acing the corporate ladder, starting their own companies and excelling in the arts. I cannot recommend IIT Bombay more"

Himani Mehta
Alumna of Batch 2018
B.Tech (Metallurgical and Materials Science)
Associate Consultant at AT Kearney
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When I was deciding about whether to join  IIT, I was thinking exclusively about academics and future opportunities. While both of those are excellent in IIT Bombay, what I found myself appreciating most when I left was the community here. At the end of the day, this is a place you live in for four or five years of your life and the people you meet and the things you can do matter a lot. I was able to explore various interests: debating, tennis, writing, finance, management along with engineering. As someone who was living away from home for the first time and trying to adjust in a male dominated environment, the support of seniors and batchmates (both male and women) on campus was crucial to doing well. If you have similar apprehensions, stay rest assured. Based on my experience, previous precedent, culture and values of the institute there will be enough people to guide and encourage you along the way. The breadth of experience and resources (peers, faculty, clubs, alumni) IIT Bombay offers means that it is the perfect place for you to find and excel at what you want to do going ahead.

Dhruti Shah
Batch of 2019
Dual Degree Student, Electrical Engineering
Recepient of Cargill Scholarship
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“It’s just this feeling that there are people, an abundance of people, who are in this together. Who are on your team. When the check is paid and you stay at the table. When it’s four a.m. and no one goes to bed. That night with the guitar. That night we can’t remember. That time we did, we went, we saw, we laughed, we felt.” - Marina Keegan

This is how I would describe my time at IIT Bombay. A feeling of togetherness, a safe haven. Whenever I go out of campus, and come back, the familiar gate, the grove of trees near the entrance welcome me, make me feel right at home, the significant drop in temperature, the pollution free air. The chance to live in such a beautiful campus, right in the middle of Bombay, with the lake right at your doorstep, is indeed a special one.

For me, IIT Bombay has been lots of things. It is here that I have grown as a person, scaled new heights, and done things I could never have imagined I could. The plethora of opportunities available for every individual, in the field of their choice is always open. For me it has been sports. Having played tennis in my school days, I was ecstatic to discover the sports culture here. The friends I have made on the tennis courts are indeed special bonds.

To any new student coming to IIT Bombay, I would say this- Make the most of your time here, try everything that you ever wanted to, throw yourself at everything that comes your way because the memories you make here, are going to last you a lifetime.

Shalaka Kulkarni
Batch of 2019
B.Tech (Electrical Engineering)
JPMorgan - Quantitative Research

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"IITB is a portal for opportunity and a journey of self-discovery. In my four years in this wonderful institute, IITB has given me the chance to explore my talents, build my skills and evolve my expertise in diverse domains – from electronics to management. Be it as Convener of the Electronics Club, Manager of Technical Projects or a delegate at national and international conferences, IITB has ensured the safety and liberty for me, as an intellectual and a girl, to explore my potential without inhibitions. In addition to these myriad opportunities, IITB is where I also found the best friends I’ve made – enthusiastic, motivated boys and girls who are ever helpful in both academic and personal situations.

An open and encouraging environment, the spirit of academic excellence that the institute inculcates and the company of a brilliant, diverse peer group make IITB a rewarding experience. For anyone who yearns to learn, to explore and to lead, IITB is indeed the place to be."