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Careers and Jobs at IIT Bombay

The members of the faculty of IIT Bombay are engaged in a wide range of activities besides substantial academic and research commitments. They contribute significantly to the country's growth in science and technology by making their services available to various national and state level committees. A highly motivated staff support the institute's general administration, teaching and research. IITB provides a reasonably flat organisational environment and work culture for both its faculty and staff. Those who choose IITB as their "permanent" address enjoy certain distinct advantages: 

  • Mumbai: The city attracts the best talents in business, the arts, education and research. IIT Bombay is a place of excellence in the city, and like the city itself, it encourages the culture of hard work.
  • Powai: Powai is one of Mumbai's most attractive suburbs. Located between the Western and the Central railway lines, which are the lifelines of Mumbai, IITB can easily be accessed  by most suburbs. Powai is a beautiful suburb located on the banks of the Powai Lake. It has grown considerably in the last few years as a commercial and residential hub; it offers good entertainment facilities and a satisfying shopping experience to its cosmopolitan residents. It is also easily accessible from the international and domestic airport terminals (8 and 15 km respectively).
  • Climate:  Mumbai is moderately hot through the year. Heavy monsoon rains lash the city from June to September, while it is dry and sunny from October to May. The best time for cultural and getaway activities is during the relatively cooler months from December to February. Because of its lush green vegetation, the IITB campus is a few degrees cooler than the rest of Mumbai throughout the year. 
  • Education: IITB faculty and staff have the added advantage of being able to choose from a variety of schools  within and outside the institute's campus for their children. A highly rated Kendriya Vidyalaya is located within the campus, and there is a wide choice of schools affiliated to different boards and subscribing to different educational philosophies outside the campus. The campus also hosts a well managed Child Care (Day Care) Center for its residents.
  • Employment Opportunities: There are also several employment opportunities for the spouses of the faculty and staff in and around IITB. 
  • Ranking: IITB continues to attract toppers in the highly competitive common IIT entrance examinations, the JEE for undergraduate courses and GATE for postgraduate studies.