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Faculty Facilities

IIT Bombay has adopted a well-planned, inclusive approach to receive new faculty, which is also expected to enable his/her prompt integration into the institute’s academic and research system. Select such offerings and resources available to individuals joining the academic community of IIT Bombay are listed below. 

Campus Ambience and Facilities

  • Approximately 30 kms from the main city of Mumbai, the IIT Bombay campus provides a sylvan environment and a soothing ambience. It is well-connected to both railway stations and airports (within 30-60 min of travel time).
  • Expansive sports and recreational facilities are available on campus
  • All round the year, a host of cultural programmes are organized by students and other campus residents. 
  • There are two schools on the campus for children: Kendriya Vidyalaya and Campus School; and a full-fledged child care (day care) and play school, Sishu Vihar.
  • All faculty residences are provided with intercom and broadband Internet access.

Assistance at Joining

  • Relocation Allowance: The institute provides a relocation allowance of up to Rs 1,00,000/- for faculty returning from abroad as reimbursement of air fare for self and spouse and transportation of belongings. The limit is Rs 50,000/- for faculty joining from within India.
  • Young Faculty Award: Fresh faculty joining as Assistant Professors are eligible to receive an alumni instituted award of Rs 1,00,000/- per year for a period of four years to meet expenditure related to setting up a new house and taking care of other immediate needs.


  • Excellent library, computer and sophisticated instrumentation facilities are available for research and teaching. These are being continuously upgraded to be world-competitive.
  • The institute ensures a body of bright students and a working atmosphere that is conducive to academic activities. Every faculty member is granted full independence in his or her research work.
  • The institute provides an annual grant for purchase of professional books and also provides support for membership of one professional society.
  • The institute provides funds travel expenses (up to a maximum of Rs 1,00,000/-) to enable the presentation of paper(s) at one international conference in a three-year block period. One additional conference in the block period is supported from donation funds subject to availability.
  • Several faculty awards have been established at the department level from donations.

Research, Technology Development and Transfer

  • A seed grant up to Rs 20,00,000/- is provided to a new faculty member to meet the initial set up cost of a research laboratory. This enables an early start to research work until sponsored projects from outside agencies are secured by the faculty.
  • The institute has developed many international linkages with universities and industries to facilitate collaborative projects and sponsored projects for its faculty.
  • The institute provides infrastructure support for consultancy projects and for conducting continuing education courses for industry to promote industry-academia interactions. Such activities result in income for both the institute and the concerned faculty members.
  • The institute provides the facility of a Research Development Fund, based on consultancy income and sponsored project income, to be used by faculty for professional expenses such as conference expenses and office consumables.
  • The institute provides support for patenting of research results on work carried out in the institute.
  • The institute has set up a Technology Business Incubator (TBI) to provide support for starting of new businesses with faculty participation based on technology developed in the institute.

Awards and Endowments

  • Awards for Excellence in Teaching are conferred each year to about 10 faculty members based entirely on student feedback. The prize money comes from a corpus donated by the alumni.
  • The institute recognizes outstanding faculty by appointing them Chair Professors. In addition to standard monthly emoluments, such faculty are provided a special contingency grant (set up through a donation) for professional expenses.
  • The institute confers IRCC Research Paper Awards to three to four faculty members each year to recognize outstanding papers.
  • The IRCC Young Scientist Awards are given by the Institute to one or two faculty members below the age of 35 years for outstanding research contributions.
  • P K Patwardhan Technology Development Award is given each year based on a corpus donated by the family of Dr P K Patwardhan.
  • The H. H. Mathur Award for Applied Science and the S. C. Bhattacharya Award for Pure Science are given each year for outstanding research contributions by a faculty member in the previous ten years. The awards have been established through an alumni donation.