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58th Convocation (Virtual Reality mode) of the Institute

  • 58th Convocation Poster


[Update 7] 17 Nov 2020: Photograph Upload Open

  1. Students who had reported errors in their avatar animations will soon receive a link to download the corrected animation video.
  2. Students who had not submitted their photographs earlier, or had submitted poor quality photographs, can also get their avatar animations done now.  Please fill-up the form sent on your email (through IITB Student notices).  In case you didn't receive the email, ask your friends/juniors to send you the form link.

13 Oct 2020: Apologies for the delay. Various members of the team got busy with semester activities. We will try to initiate the work this week and try to complete it in the next two weeks.

6 Sep 2020: We are still working on a process to automate the following to avoid errors.  The schedules mentioned below may get shifted by a week or two.  When the forms are ready, we will let you know about it here. 

[Update 6] Photograph Upload Schedule

This is a tentative schedule for recreation of erroneous and creation of fresh avatar animations.  Please convey this to your friends and classmates. Unless it is an exception not covered here, please do not expect replies to your emails from us.

  1. 2 -- 4 Sep: Error corrected avatars will be emailed
  2. 4 -- 11 Sep : Form 3: Resubmission of erroneous submitted photographs
  3. 9 -- 16 Sep: Form 4: Fresh submission for those who missed out the first time.

[Update 5] Post-convocation Feedback

Please do not email your photographs for creating avatars. For corrections, and for inclusions of new photographs, we will make available a separate form. For complaints on your avatar video, please use the form that came with the videos.

[Update 4] Windows desktop Application

  1. A windows application for the Virtual Reality avatar animation is also available now.
  2. Download the exe file from this internal site (VPN access needed).

[Update 3] Android Application Download

  1. The android application "IIT Bombay Convocation 2020" is not yet available on Play Store.
  2. Please use the APK file from this internal site (VPN access needed) and follow the instructions to install it on your phone.
  3. You have to log in to IITBVPN first to access this site.

[Update 2] Secret key and Videos

    1. We have emailed secret keys to access your avatar on your IITB and any alternate address you have provided (during photograph upload).
    2. Use this key with the "IIT Bombay Convocation 2020" app from the Play Store
    3. The avatar animations will be available as follows:
      1. Medalists (Gold and Silver): after 14:30 hrs
      2. All the degree recipients: after 15:05 hrs.
    4. If for some reason (a) the app itself is not available or visible to you on the Play store, or (b) you are unable to install, run, or view the animation, don’t worry. We will email you a video copy of your animation which you can download and preserve. This will be done by today evening, soon after the ceremony
    5. More importantly, participate and enjoy the ceremony from 1:30 to 3:30 pm.  Your personal memorabilia will be in your hands by evening today.

[Update] Graduating students: What to do

    • Welcome 'back' to the campus through Virtual Presence  Find details of how to join at http://www.iitb.ac.in/en/virtual-presence-convo-2020
    • Visit http://www.iitb.ac.in/convo2020 (this page) later today evening and find the details to download the app for Virtual Reality experience.
    • Please participate (and tell your relatives and friends around the globe to watch) the ceremony to be synchronously broadcast on TV and internet.
    • On the day of the ceremony wear formal clothes (white+white, our traditional convo dress) and experience the campus and the ambience of the convocation hall recreated in the broadcast.  If possible, view it on a large screen TV with family and friends.
    • During the ceremony, when the announcement for your degree is made on the broadcast please stand up during the conferment (Registrar will ask you to "rise").  After you are admitted in by the director, you should also be able to see yourself receiving the degree on your app.
    • Your name will appear on the TV screen along with your (ID card) photograph, ordered according to the degree, department, and roll number.
    • Towards the end of the ceremony, you will be asked to take the pledge. Repeat it after the President of India Medalist says it on the screen.
    • (And yeah, you can also 'shout' and toss something safely after the ceremony ends!)
    • After the convocation ceremony, there is a small surprise gift to you from your juniors.  (This will be broadcast only on internet live streaming).

    Chief guests

    The 58th convocation of the Institute will be held on 23 August  2020 from 1:30 pm onwards in a virtual reality mode. Prof. Duncan Haldane, co-recipient of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics, and a Professor of Physics at Princeton University will be the Chief Guest during the ceremony. Mr. Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO & Co-Founder of Blackstone, world-renowned investor and philanthropist will be the Guest of Honour.

    Here is a teaser video of the live event: https://youtu.be/2cU-SNax9qE

    Broadcast of the event

          1. Doordarshan Sahyadri

            DTH/CableDD SahyadriDD India
            Dish TV1229779
            DD Free Dish2384
            Sun Direct67661
            Siti Cable689466
            Den Cable825521
          2. Youtube Live: https://www.youtube.com/IITBombayOfficialChannel
          3. Facebook Live: http://www.facebook.com/iitbombay/

    Planned activities for the graduating students

          1. Commencement speeches by the Guests and the Director, along with the traditional convocation ceremony experience.
          2. Virtual Reality (VR) experience: Students can view their own animated personalised avatar receiving medals, awards, and degrees from the Chief Guest and the Director. They will view this on their mobile or desktop synchronised with the live telecast.
          3. Every student’s photograph and name will be shown in the telecast.
          4. Synchronised Pledge taking by students all over the country at the end of the ceremony.
          5. Virtual Presence (VP): visiting hostels, departments, and other campus meeting points to meet and interact with friends, faculty and club members, and fun activities arranged by juniors.


    Saturday 22nd August6 pm onwardsVirtual presence: hostels
    Sunday 23rd August1:30 pm to 3:30 pme-Convocation in Virtual Reality Mode
     4 to 6 pmVirtual Presence: Department events, meeting faculty
     6 pm onwards

    Virtual Presence: Cultural (SAC), Tech (Tinkerers lab) and Sports (Grounds) Club activities,

    Roam around the campus and visit favourite meeting points


    VR: How it works

          1. The VR experience will be available only for those students who have submitted good quality photographs we requested last month.
          2. You will have to install an app (we will send you a mail with the link and a password).
          3. When you key in the password, you can verify your name, degree, department and photograph you uploaded.
          4. Close to the day of the convocation, you will be asked to download your avatar.
          5. The app is synchronised in time with the live telecast. When the announcement comes on the live stream (DD, YouTube) you will have to open the app to view yourselves on your mobile.
          6. Students who are slated to receive Medals (Gold and Silver) will be able to see themselves receiving the medal from the chief guest.
          7. All, including the medalists, can see themselves receiving the degree from the chief guest.

    VP: How it works

          1. Our student Tech team has set up a virtual campus with hostels, departments, clubs, and a few other common meeting points.
          2. You will be given specific URLs close to the day (22nd evening) to enter the campus.  
          3. You can pre-arrange with your friends or faculty members to meet at specific points (just as you would have done if  you had planned to be here) in the campus, where you can connect through video conferencing.

    What you can do

          1. Inform your friends, relatives and family members in the country and abroad about this event and ask them to join you watching the live telecast.
          2. Connect with your batchmates, hostel mates, and faculty and arrange for a meeting point and a time slot.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    We will not be able to respond to your individual queries unless it is a specific nature. Please consult the answers to FAQs below before sending a mail to us.

        1. Which photographs are going to be displayed on the live broadcast? In the broadcast, all students photographs (taken from their ID card database) will be shown scrolling with their names, for each Degree and Department.  The names will appear in the order of the roll numbers.
        2. Will I get my degree even if I have not uploaded my photograph? Yes, all students found eligible for their degree will get their degrees in this convocation.  It will be emailed to you, and as soon as we are confident speed post services can deliver to your places, we will start sending the physical copies as well.  Additionally, in the convocation broadcast your ID card photo will be displayed. 
        3. I have not uploaded my photographs / not made corrections to my photographs. Can I do it now?  No, not at the moment. All students can see their Institute photographs and names in the live telecast.  Uploaded photographs are used only for the VR experience. We have a queue of pending work for VR.  If possible, we may open it up again after the convocation, for you keep a photo-op memoir.
        4. Can you use my ID card photo for the VR? No, we need specially taken multiple-angle photographs for the VR experience. The ones used for ID cards won't do.
        5. I am not getting emails on my LDAP ID, how will I come to know of the updates? All generic updates regarding the event will be posted on this page.  Please consult this page regularly.  Ask your friends to send you a copy of the email on your personal address.
        6. Can you confirm if you have received the files I uploaded? No, we can't confirm individually.  If all the files are in order then you will see your VR avatar on your phone. If not you have to wait till after the convocation when we may permit you to make corrections.