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Lecture Hall Complex

The institute lecture hall complex hosts classrooms of various sizes from a large auditorium to small tutorial rooms.  Booking of regular lecture slots is done by the academic office. Faculty and certain other officers can book free slots for additional lectures or other academic activity.

FacilityLocationName and NumberSeating Capacity per RoomNumber of Rooms
AuditoriumComplex-ALA-101, LA-102, LA-301, LA-3023504
HallComplex-BLH-101, LH-102, LH-301, LH-3022404
ClassroomComplex-CLC-001, LC-002, LC-101, LT-102, LT-201, LT-202, LT-301, LT-3021508
Tutorial RoomComplex-CLT-001 to LT-006, LT-101 to LT-106, LT-201 to LT-206, LT-301 to LT-3066024