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Dissemination of R&D

Under the "R&D to Media" initiative, IRCC is collating and disseminating content and implications of significant research and development output from IIT Bombay to the general public through various media outlets.

 IIT Bombay has entered into an agreement with Gubbi Labs to cover and disseminate R&D activities of the institute  to a wider audience. The articles that are of a wider social or technological impact (that is considered newsworthy for a general audience) will be identified by Gubbi labs from the recent publications from IIT Bombay. In addition, IRCC will also suggest works from internal documents from technologies or other applications. Faculty and research scholars are also encouraged to send such news worthy items from their labs to .  Editors from Gubbi labs will then contact the authors of the work for details and may even conduct an interview. Details of this initiative including the criteria to be followed for choosing articles and a swim lane workflow diagram that captures the process flow are available at Drona > RnD News.

How to Submit Articles

  1. About 10 Research Highlight articles will be published every month (amounting to about 10% of all the publications).
  2. Faculty and Students have to notify recent and high impact research or developmental work to .  A brief note of why it is considered high impact is essential as this will benefit the editors in understanding the significance and help to prioritise the interviews.

 Dissemination of Articles

  1. The final article will be vetted by IRCC for general structure, consistency, and branding before approving the release.
  2. The PRO of IIT Bombay will issue an official press release of the articles. 
  3. Gubbi labs will publish the article on their website "Research Mattters", which collects articles from various IITs, IISc and other institutions of research.
  4. Gubbi labs will also release it to various media outlets, including PTI and other regional news papers.
  5. IRCC will print periodicals containing selected articles for distribution to visitors and well-wishers.