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Student Clubs

The Quiz Club

The oldest and best established clubs in IIT Bombay, the Quiz Club meets every Wednesday at 9:00 p. m. in the Hostel-8 lounge. Each meeting covers questions on wide variety of topics like sports, food, India, cartoons, music, history, science fiction, films, love & marriage, and so on. The Quiz Club is largely responsible for the resurgence of quizzing and other literary events in IIT Bombay. The wide exposure to trivia and the recycling of outside quizzes also helps.


Wonder. Think. Create. Tech is a world of fun, excitement, and learning. Here you make your own robots, write your own code, build your own megastructures, do your own crazy stuff. A chance to wonder, think and create. It's the reason you came to IIT. Do more at TechniC.


Tech is for everybody. No matter which department you are in, you will find something here that will interest you. All that you need is passion and a willingness to learn at all times. So, are you game?

The Scrabble Club

Not having firm grounds as yet, this club intends to hold workshops, fundaes sessions, Scrabble based puzzles, competitions, tournaments, etc.. Very soon you could hear it hit the notice boards.

The Speakers Club

This club focuses on all kinds of speaking events, debating, extempore speaking, elocution and jamming. The latter being an event in which IITB used to dominate. Other activities on the cards are in - house competitions, presentations and fundaes sessions with experienced jammers.

THE Hobbies Club

This club includes hobbies like electronics, astronomy, HAM radio and aeromodelling. The electronics room in SAC, accessible at any time, has the facilities and literature for students to design, experiment with and construct various electronic circuits. Even the required components are provided, free of cost. Apart from this, lectures are held every Tuesday and Thursday between 6:00 p. m. - 8:00 p. m.

The HAM club

Aeromodelling kits and equipment is being arranged for the aeromodelling club.

The Astronomy club

organizes periodic star - gazing sessions and field trips to places like the GMRT, IUCCA and the Nehru Planetarium. Besides star charts and other literature, the club has a 6" Newtonian reflector telescope. 

THE Wildlife Club

IIT Bombay is lucky to have such a lovely campus and natural surroundings, with lots of animals like the cows, dogs, cats, snakes and the mosquitoes to make the students attracted to know more about them and the other fauna in India. The The Wildlife Club works towards the same ideal. 

THE Swimming Club

See the IIT Swimming Club Homepage for detail list of activities.One of the few sports activities in IIT, where we now boast about several National level swimmers; one of those activities that dispels the running myth that IIT students just study,study and .......! The Swimming club started functioning in 1983. Since then, every year, one or more swimmers, have regularly been selected by Maharashtra, to represent the State at the Nationals. Several campus youngsters have got motivated to join, and have excelled at the sub-junior/junior level. The IIT Swimming club regularly holds NSO swimming activities for students. Advanced swimming camps are held year round for swimmers showing promise. The IIT Aquatic team has made a habit of returning with the GOLD from almost all Inter IIT Aquatic meets held so far. Every year, triathlon competetions are held for IIT students and campus children. A 12-hour SWIMMATHON, is an annual event eagerly awaited and gleefully entered by IIT students and campus children. The high point of the year is the Annual swimming Gala, a State level swimming meet, normally held in February. Considered a very prestigious swimming event in Swimming circles, it attracts the best from all over the state. The IIT coach is Dr. P. M. Reddy.

THE Mountaineering Club

The club organizes regular weekend treks in the Sahayadris, to provide a respite from the rigours of IITian life and to keep people in touch with Nature. Places like Rajmachi, Kabubai, Bhimashankar and Harishchandragad were visited last semester. Last summer, ten club members earned a Basic Mountaineering Course Certificate after 25 grueling days in the Himalayas. This summer the club plans to send an increasing number of students for the course.

The Group for Rural Activities (GRA)

This is a group of service minded people dedicated to uplifting rural India. Child education at the Pholenagar slum just outside the campus, is one of the GRA activities. The GRA also maintains a wall magazine outside the Central Library to create rural awareness. The group also holds discussions, seminars, and attends various camps also regarding the NGOs, rural activities, etc. Read more at the GRA website.

Special Interest Group in Finance (SIGFIN)

After being out of the headlines for a couple of years, SIGFIN was resurrected this semester, thanks mainly to the enthu shown by a few 4th - yearites. An introductory lecture on the stock market was held some time back, to an enthusiastic response. SIGFIN plans to hold such seminars regularly with professors from the School of Management and IITB alumni active in the financial field slated to talk about their fields of work and interest. Other plans include the formation of a discussion group, and the holding of a budget analysis session, with various eminent personalities holding forth.