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NCC Celebrates World Environment Day

7 Jun 2022

On the eve of World Environment Day, approximately 70 residents and the National Cadets Corps (NCC), IIT Bombay cleaned the Powai lake bed along the lake fringe road of 2.5 km starting from the Padmavati temple to H17 on Saturday, June 4, 2022. They collected nearly 100 bags of plastic bottles and 50 bags of glass bottles from the lake bed. A large number of plastic and glass bottles reach Powai lake. These bottles and other waste pollute the lake. This event was organized as part of the number of activities IIT Bombay conducts to protect and conserve Powai lake, such as regular documentation of resident and migratory birds which visit Powai lake, protection of flora and fauna along the lakefront, documentation of bio-diversity along the lakefront, conducting bird walks, etc.

The Institute appeals to campus residents to dispose of bottles and plastic material only in dustbins and not throw them anywhere else to protect our beautiful lake. IIT Bombay also encourages residents to help restore Powai lake and its surrounding environment to a natural and clean state and help in other conservation efforts.