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State-of-the-art Classroom and Lab facilities inaugurated at IIT Bombay

14 Feb 2022

Dr Hemant Kanakia, an IIT Bombay alumnus (B.Tech, Electrical Engineering, 1975) and founder of Maker Bhavan Foundation, today inaugurated the Collaborative Classroom (CC) and Experiential Learning Laboratory (ELL) at the Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) at IIT Bombay. These facilities will help instructors design and execute active and hands-on learning exercises, which have been shown to improve learning outcomes for students.

The CC will facilitate active learning in the courses at the Department of EE and has a capacity of 60 students. The ELL will facilitate hands-on learning and has a capacity of 50 students. The ELL has a maker-area with double-paned glass walls, that houses equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutter, vacuum forming, desktop CNC milling machine, 3D scanner, lathe, and hand-operated power tools for machining and making fixtures for projects.

Both the facilities have been funded by the Maker Bhavan Foundation, which partners with science and engineering colleges of India to provide access to world-class facilities, resources and expertise towards designing and supporting programs that integrate new methods of teaching and learning into their existing curriculum. The Institute’s collaboration with Maker Bhavan contributes to IIT Bombay’s continued mission of providing state-of-the-art facilities to its students to augment their learning and growth. IIT Bombay is deeply grateful to Dr. Hemant Kanakia for his generous donation.