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Institute Post-doctoral Fellows Recruitment

Institute Post-doctoral (post-doc) fellowships are available in various academic Departments, Centres, Schools and Inter-disciplinary programs. There is no last date for the applications. The Search Committees meet regularly to consider the applications and arrange for invited seminars and/or interviews as the need arises. Please write to the respective Heads of Academic Divisions for specific information.


ExperienceFellowship Amount
Fresh PhD with no post-PhD experienceRs. 65,000/- p.m.
PhD + 1 year of post-PhD experienceRs. 68,000/-p.m
PhD + 2 years of post-PhD experienceRs. 71,000/-p.m.
Non-lapsable contingency grantRs. 15,000/year

No on-campus accommodation will be provided but HRA @24% of the salary will be given.

Eligibility & Evaluation

Candidates wishing to be considered for such an appointment may be fresh PhDs or PhDs with less than 2 years of experience or research scholars who have submitted their thesis and are awaiting examination. The candidates should be preferably below 32 years of age. IIT Bombay's own PhD students are not eligible for this position. Departments/Centers/School will evaluate these applications through a process similar to that of faculty selections. These selected candidates will be initially offered Institute Post-doctoral Fellow (IPDF) position for a period of one year. Further extension is possible, based on the successful yearly progress report and seminar, evaluated by a departmental post-doctoral committee.

Duties and Facilities

  • A PDF will have a mentor whose area is closest to that of the PDF.
  • In addition to research, the Head of the Department may assign reasonable academic/administrative tasks depending on the need.
  • The Department must also agree to provide reasonable office and lab space to its postdoctoral fellows.
  • Financial support is provided for one international conference during the tenure of the fellowship for the presentation of their research work done at IIT Bombay.
  • Support for one national conference per year is also provided.


Click here for Application form for the position of Institute Post Doctoral Fellow. Application should be sent to the concerned Heads of the Department / School / Center.