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Academic Divisions



Interdisciplinary Programs


  1. Application Software Centre (ASC)
  2. Biomedical Engineering and Technology (Incubation) Centre (BETiC)
  3. Centre for Research in Nanotechnology and Science (CRNTS)
  4. Centre for Aerospace Systems Design and Engineering (CASDE)
  5. Computer Centre (CC)
  6. Centre for Computational Engineering and Science
  7. Centre for Distance Engineering Education Programme (CDEEP)
  8. Centre of Excellence in Nanoelectronics
  9. Centre for Excellence in Steel Technology (CEST)
  10. Centre of Excellence in Oil, Gas and Energy (CoE-OGE)
  11. Ashank Desai Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) 
  12. Centre for Machine Intelligence and Data Science (C-MInDS)
  13. Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering (CSRE)
  14. Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA)
  15. Centre for Formal Design and Verification of Software (CFDVS)
  16. Centre of Propulsion Technology (CoPT)
  17. Centre for Urban Science and Engineering (C-USE)
  18. Centre for Liberal Education (CLE)
  19. Forbes Marshall Energy Efficiency Laboratory
  20. Geospatial Information Science and Engineering
  21. IITB-Monash Research Academy
  22. Koita Centre for Digital Health
  23. National Centre for Aerospace Innovation and Research (NCAIR)
  24. National Centre of Excellence in Carbon Capture and Utilization (NCoE-CCU)
  25. National Center of Excellence in Technology for Internal Security (NCETIS)
  26. National Centre for Mathematics (NCM)
  27. National Centre for Photovoltaic Research and Education (NCPRE)
  28. National Mission on Education Through ICT
  29. National Solar Thermal Research, Testing and Simulation Technology
  30. Parimal and Pramod Chaudhari Center for Learning and Teaching (PPCCLT)
  31. Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility (SAIF)
  32. Tata Center for Technology and Design (TCTD)
  33. Tata Teleservices - IITB Centre for Excellence in Telecommunication
  34. Technocraft Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence (TCAAI)
  35. Wadhwani Research Centre for Bioengineering (WRCB)
  36. Water Innovation Centre: Technology, Research and Education