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Courses at IITB

When it comes to courses, IIT B certainly has a lot to offer. Students from all over the country come to IITB because they expect the courses here to launch them into careers of their choice. Whether it’s IITB’s highly sought after technical programmes or research programmes in humanities and social sciences or design and management, the institute offers a variety of choices.

Selecting the right course is a personal decision. IITB offers a broad range of disciplines at the bachelor's, master's or doctoral levels. The challenge, therefore, lies in selecting the course that is appropriate for you.

Choosing the right course can provide you a suitable head start in the career of your choice. In order to help you choose the course appropriate for you, we have a few pointers:

  •  Identify the subject that interests you most and for which you have an aptitude
  • Examine the course curriculum to understand what the course entails and whether the it matches your interests
  • Think about whether you can be passionate about the different subjects in the curriculum of the course

Remember, the courses at IITB demand hard work and extensive research, both of which require a lot of time and dedication. If you are passionate about the course, you will enjoy the hard work as well as the research; else, you will find them both burdensome.

When it comes to choosing the right course, make sure that you have the right reasons. Course selection is a very important part of admission into IIT considering the amount of hard work you will need to put in during the course to excel. IIT Bombay would always want its students to give their best to the course they choose to take.