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Consultancy and Research Partnership

From its inception, IIT Bombay has benefited from its location, which is one of the most industry-intensive hubs in the country. The overall external R&D orientation of the institute has been considerably promoted by this situation. The institute houses several advanced R&D facilities, including sophisticated state-of-the-art laboratories furnished by industry.

Consultancy and Contract Research

Anybody from Industry/ External Agency can contact the Institute to solve almost any type of problem or meet any type of need in almost any division of engineering, technology or science. The institute through its faculty, scientist or technical staff can handle such requests from industry or any external agency; such requests will come under the term consultancy in its broadest sense. As an illustration, a list of some of the types of consultancy services that IITB offers is given below:

  • Analytical studies
  • Calibration
  • Cause-and -remedy studies
  • Simulation/ modelling/ optimization
  • Design of systems/components/processes
  • Development of industrial products/systems
  • Development of systems software/application software for offline/online applications.
  • Development of laboratories
  • Human Resource development programmes
  • Recruitment/entrance examinations
  • Testing of industrial products/samples
  • Validation of designs/drawings
  • Retainership of faculty in advisory capacity over specified periods
Please contact the Dean R&D Office at IRCC with your needs.

Industry Partnership Scheme

IIT Bombay is now looking beyond traditional R&D metrics of publications, patents and funding and is engaged in promoting research that makes a difference. To achieve this, the institute recognizes the need to enhance engagements with industries and public sector organizations and to develop sustainable long-term interactions with industry. Read more here on how to partner with us.

Select major industry-sponsored interactions and laboratories in recent years include:

  • Xilinx FPGA Laboratory
  • The Tata Infotech Laboratory
  • Intel Microelectronics Laboratory
  • Laboratory for Intelligent Internet Research
  • Tata Consultancy Services Laboratory for VLSI Design and Device Characterisation
  • Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processing (TI-DSP) Laboratory
  • Wadhwani Electronics Laboratory
  • Cummins Engine Research Laboratory
  • Applied Materials Nano manufacturing Laboratory
  • Tata Teleservices — IITB Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications (TICET)
  • VLSI Design Consortium