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Major Proposals

IIT Bombay proposes to have five World Class Research Laboratories(WCRL) and augment cutting edge research facilities by providing state of the art research equipment as recommonded by Research Infrastructure Funding Committee. Brief details are as under. For further details related to the proposals please refer page number A1- A43 of IIT IoE Proposal Document

Advanced Nanofabrication and Characterization Laboratory

This proposal to build and equip a state-of-the-art cutting edge nanofabrication and characterization center at IIT Bombay aims to catapult IIT Bombay into the top 100 universities by helping nearly 150 faculty and 500 student researchers realize the full potential of already existing expertise and platforms in various frontier areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology. With a focus on advanced nanofabrication and characterization using emerging organic/inorganic/bio-materials this facility will require a ground footprint of 300,000 sq ft. The proposal will be executed in two phases  over a period of five years and is expected to result in high impact research Intellectual Property (IP), international peer recognition and collaboration, and translational benefits through strong industry partnerships enabling Startup India and Make In India initiatives.

Laboratory for Materials and Advanced Manufacturing

This Laboratory plans to significantly increase the scope and range of its work which will have an impact on the aerospace manufacturing, automotive, biomedical implant, defence and heavy industries. It is proposed to have a building infrastructure of 6000 sq.m. housing the current and proposed state-of-the-art facilities.

Laboratory for Health Sciences and Engineering

The need for developing affordable indigenous solutions for many healthcare problems in low and middle-income countries is very urgent. Without a concerted effort in this direction, we will be dependent on imported high-cost technologies to address our most basic needs. The Institute already has built up extensive cutting edge research facilities for health care related research. The Institute has strengths in several areas of basic and applied research in health sciences. We are thus uniquely poised to become contribute to health science research and take world leadership in niche areas related to affordable healthcare. Under this proposal, in addition to specialised research equipment, two major facilities are proposed: (1) Animal facility inorder to be able to take health sciences research to the next step and  (2) BSL3 facility to handle risk group level 3 pathogens, for example M. tuberculosis etc.

Laboratory for Data and Information Science

IIT Bombay has a large and active community of researchers who heavily rely on high-performance computing for their research activities. Research groups span almost all departments and address a diverse range of subjects from basic research as well as practical applications. A world-class supercomputing facility would certainly enhance our capabilities in modeling and simulation which pervades all domains of contemporary science and technology research efforts and is closely allied with Data and Information Science. The following sub-areas are proposed to be supported in the project. a) Database System, b) Data mining and Machine learning, c) Information retrieval, d) Visual computing and e) Urban data science.

Laboratory for Sustainable Chemical Sciences

The Department of Chemistry and Department of Chemical Engineering currently rank among the best in the country. Our proposal will enhancing state-of-the-art laboratories, highly skilled human resources, world-class research infrastructure and a coordinated approach by both the departments in cutting edge areas will catapult them to be among the best in the world. The area of focus are a) Synthetic biology and Bio materials, b) Molecular materials for energy and sustainability, c) Chemical synthesis and reaction engineering, d) Theory and simulation of chemical and biological system, e) Computational chemical engineering science, and f) Sustainability assessment and engineering design.

Others - Research Infrastructure Fund Committee Recommendation

Our RIFC proposed for 45 facilities for different departments to enrich the cutting edge research going on in IIT Bombay, which will help to improve our contributions to national and international academia and research. The same will also be procured and commission as a part of IoE Scheme.