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Online-Semester: Instructions for Students

The Autumn 2020 semester at IIT Bombay will be fully online. Towards achieving our goal of effective online instruction, the Prof. Manjunath committee has created the following set of guidelines which we expect you to follow: 


  1. You should have access to a reliable computer (laptop,  desktop, or tablet) and a reliable power supply (with UPS if required). 

  2. You should be  able  to download about 20 hrs of video every week for the lectures. This  corresponds to about 2GB of  data. 

    1. Make sure you have enough storage on your laptop (or phone) for storing all or at least some weeks’ lectures

    2. We have already provided financial help to a large number of needy students from the Dean(ACR) office towards obtaining these resources, thanks to generous  financial support we received from our alumni.   

    3. If you are located in a very remote area having no Internet access and are unable to work from home or any convenient nearby location due to inability to get internet connectivity/power, please contact your faculty advisor and the Head of the department.

      1. As we have already informed you we are trying to accommodate a small number of such students back on campus. 

        1. Be warned that it is not life-as-usual on the campus, strict adherence to the rules is expected of you.  

        2. While we will do our best to take care of everyone on campus, getting the covid-19 infection while on campus is a risk that is always there, and one that you must willingly take. We have had a couple of cases of students being infected with Covid-19, in a total of about 50 cases so far on campus.

      2. You can also coordinate with your class representative or friend living nearby to obtain the recordings via a memory stick or other suitable means. 

  3. Live discussion sessions in the regular timetable slots can be a very useful component for courses. As long as you have good network connectivity, you are expected to attend these just like you would attend the regular classes on campus.  However, instructors have been mandated to record all such sessions and make them available later, for those who are unable to attend these sessions live due to internet outages/poor bandwidth/power cuts etc.  If you are in such a session, and realize the instructor has forgotten to turn on recording, please ask the instructor to do so. Make sure you are muted except when you are interacting, to ensure that no embarassing background audio gets broadcast/recorded, and preferably ask questions via chat.

  4. Setup the following software:

    1. Register for the IITB Single Sign On, and the related Authenticator app if you haven’t done so already (see the howto section on www.cc.iitb.ac.in for help in this task if required)

    2. SAFE app for exams on your mobile

    3. MS Teams, Cisco Webex and Google Meet apps  

    4. Install the Moodle app (and if any course you are taking uses it, the Bodhitree app)  on your Mobile and the Moodle desktop on your laptop. These permit offline access to content.

    5. asc.iitb.ac.in  is now available externally, without VPN.  You will need to authenticate yourself using SSO before logging into ASC.

  5. Download all the course material as soon as they are made available and study the material regularly.

  6. Understand the attendance and  evaluation policy for your course and be fully prepared to take the exams and tests that will be conducted in the course.   

    1. Instructors may conduct quizzes (typically with low marks weightage), but  you must be given the option of taking quizzes later in the day in case you do not have network connectivity during the assigned quiz slot.

    2. We are planning to provide support for remotely-proctored exams, which can be used for small to medium courses.

    3. We are planning to have well-proctored exams at locations across the country for your end-semester exams.  This will ensure that cheating cannot occur, while allowing you to take the exams close to your home.  However, the details still need to be worked out, and will share them once they are finalized, by around mid September.  

  7. We expect that you will abide by honesty in your taking the quizzes, tests, and examinations and resist every temptation to use unfair and dishonest means. Those found to be using unfair and dishonest means will face strong disciplinary actions (DAC).

  8. The timetable will be like in regular semesters.  However, there will be some adjustments in the academic calendar, including midsem evaluation and endsem exam dates. Watch out for announcements to this effect. 

  9. The week of Aug 10 will be devoted to getting faculty and students familiar with the technology for online education.  New PG student orientation (online) will happen on Aug 10.  UG courses can start the test drive on Aug 10, but PG courses may start on a subsequent day.  Your instructors will keep you informed of the exact schedule that week. 

  10. We plan to stress test our systems on Friday, 14 August. It is important that all of you attend all your scheduled lectures on that day so we see peak load on that day.