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Studying human-wildlife interactions: Why we need to look beyond conflict

Researchers discuss the challenges in studying human-wildlife coexistence and the way forward. 

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Understanding the regimented design of the human proteome

Scientists discuss the rigorous standards followed for proteome identification by the Human Proteome Project.

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Examining the impact of natural gas use on Indian economy and environment

Researchers study the impact of increasing natural gas consumption on the economy and environment of India.

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Efficiently cooling down systems that generate heat

Researchers have used mathematical analysis of thermodynamics of small scale systems for effectively cooling down IC chips, photovoltaic cells, and gas turbine blades of aero-engines.

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Mini-fuel Engines Could Replace Batteries in the Future

Researchers design a compact and efficient micro-combustor that powers small electronics

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Better Soil Moisture Sensors using Graphene Oxide

Researchers develop a stable low-cost microsensor from graphene oxide to measure soil moisture on field

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Ensuring Enough Electricity for All

IIT Bombay professor surveys strategies for applying game theory to distribution of electricity

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Forget The Kitchen; Your Next Meal May Be Cooking In A Window Powered By The Sun!

IIT Bombay student wins the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) Award for window-mounted solar cooker design

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With Air Conditioners, Energy Efficiency Is The Star!

Indian consumers are willing to pay more for air conditioners with higher energy efficiency, says research from IIT Bombay

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भारत का सौर सपना पूरा होने में क्या बाधाएं आ सकती हैं?

अध्ययन में फोटोवॉल्टिक मॉडयूल के क्षरण के लिए ज़िम्मेदार कारकों का पता लगा।

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