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Novel AI-based algorithms on well-known physics can speed up technology

 Researchers have sped up the study of light-matter interaction on specially-engineered surfaces.

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For a smooth journey, an automated system to classify road surface quality

Road monitoring system from IIT Bombay can classify road quality surface using crowdsourced data

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Supplying water through tankers to urban India

Researchers develop a realistic framework for planning and scheduling water tanker movement in cities

It is not just a shortfall of adequate water sources that is responsible for the water woes in our cities. Many parts of the ever-growing urban areas are still waiting for piped water, and citizens and city water supply boards alike are dependent on tankers to fetch water to cope with the erratic supply. For instance, the Delhi Jal Board has a fleet of around 800 tankers providing water to its people across different parts of the city.

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How Do Taro Leaves Repel Water?

Researchers study the structure of taro leaves to make water-repellent material

The leaves of taro plants are a familiar ingredient in many regional delicacies across India. Featuring in dishes like alu wadi and pathrode, the heart-shaped leaves of this plant have an interesting quality — they are hydrophobic. Liquids that land on their surface do not wet the leaves but instead roll off them.

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What influences coronaviruses’ survival on different surfaces?

Researchers find how temperature, humidity and properties of different surfaces influence the evaporation rates of respiratory droplets infected with COVID-19.

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A hardware neuron to help ‘brain-like’ computers solve difficult problems

Researchers develop a powerful stochastic neuron, like those in our brain, using random access memory to aid breakthroughs in artificial intelligence

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