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Information and Communication Technology

Merging memory and computing in nanoscale devices for efficient computation

Scientists have devised a novel approach to combine memory and computation units 

Modern computers carry out computations — also called ‘logical operations’ — on massive amounts of data that are stored in specialised memory devices. The computing blocks need to exchange significant amounts of data with Random Access Memory, or RAM, a type of temporary memory. Over the years, various applications that search and process the appropriate data from memory devices have increasingly demanded faster computations.  

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Novel AI-based algorithms on well-known physics can speed up technology

 Researchers have sped up the study of light-matter interaction on specially-engineered surfaces.

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Technology not merely a tool in tennis, but now in the driver’s seat

Study finds that the sport of tennis critically depends on information and communication Technology

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Machine learning helps monitor crop growth

Researchers use radar data from satellites to estimate parameters that determine the growth of soy and wheat.

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Understanding Pain, Virtually

A computer based model of neurons in the urinary bladder 

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Bacterial remedy for the toxic pesticide Carbaryl

Researchers explore how soil-improving Pseudomonas bacteria digest carbaryl

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Mining the Treasures of Twitterverse

Researchers develop a search system to extract meaningful data from live social media posts

Ever tried searching ‘goal’ or ‘kick’ on Twitter during the interval of a football world cup match? You were probably trying to find out who scored the goal on a penalty kick in the first half, and chances are that search results also have content about life goals and a kick from coffee!

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जैमर प्रूफिंग कम्युनिकेशन सिस्टम

A theoretical study from IIT Bombay can help make our military communication more robust

The security and reliability of communication systems used in military applications are uncompromisable. Jammers can disrupt radio communication in a locality; a strategy the military is shown to use while attacking terrorist camps in a recent movie. Knowing how jammers behave in various conditions becomes significant.

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जोखिम मुक्त परिधेय स्वास्थ्य मॉनिटर

Scientists design low-power, low-cost wearable wireless devices to continuously monitor patient’s health indicators like ECG and EEG

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