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Coming Soon: A Tabletop Chiral Attosecond Laser

Researchers use a single-double-frequency pair of laser light to generate circularly polarised attosecond pulses from graphene

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“Good vibrations” in an exotic material enable key technology for hot infrared optical components

Ever wondered how those temperature scanners that we see everyday from malls to hospitals, actually work? These devices employ infrared technology -- the long wavelength part of light, which we cannot see with bare eyes. Atoms are always moving and their speed determines the temperature of an object. These moving atoms emit radiation not as a visible light but as heat and for most everyday temperatures, these emitted wavelengths are quite long.

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Graphene Valleytronics: Paving the Way to Small-Sized Room-Temperature Quantum Computers

Scientists find a way to use pristine graphene in valleytronics, a promising technology for encoding and processing quantum information

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