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Physics and Chemistry

New study reveals how effectively the novel coronavirus spreads through coughs

Researchers study the spread of a cough cloud containing SARS-CoV-2

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A new approach to film atoms and molecules vibrating inside solids

Theoretical and experimental scientists have come together to watch solids vibrate.

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Observing crystals that flow

Researchers show strange patterns in the flow of soft polycrystals

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Soil check: How much water does your soil contain?

Researchers use ultra-small graphene particles to develop a new soil moisture sensor

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A new approach to quantum information processing at room temperatures

Researchers propose novel nanochips from atomically thin materials to make quantum computing possible

In October 2019, Google announced that their quantum processor achieved a computation in 200 seconds, which they claim would take even the most advanced supercomputers today approximately 10,000 years. While IBM has challenged this claim, such drastic changes in computational capabilities are indeed possible due to a fundamentally new technology called quantum computers.

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Capturing Complex Chemical Reactions on Video

New theoretical work demonstrates how sequentially captured images of electrons can be used to show the evolution of electron movement

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