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Archived Research Highlights

These articles have been created and published here by the R&D dissemination initiative of IRCC. To publish a summary of a recent high impact work from IIT Bombay, please follow the guidelines given in the there.

A call for urgent policy change to revive Madurai’s historical watershed system

Researchers from IIT B root for restoring Madurai’s historical water tank system to address the region’s water woes

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“Good vibrations” in an exotic material enable key technology for hot infrared optical components

Ever wondered how those temperature scanners that we see everyday from malls to hospitals, actually work? These devices employ infrared technology -- the long wavelength part of light, which we cannot see with bare eyes. Atoms are always moving and their speed determines the temperature of an object. These moving atoms emit radiation not as a visible light but as heat and for most everyday temperatures, these emitted wavelengths are quite long.

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Prof. Subramaniam Chandramouli receives the prestigious Swarnajayanti Fellowship for 2021

IIT Bombay professor Subramaniam Chandramouli gets the Swarnajayanti Fellowship 2021 for his innovative proposal to generate ‘green heat’

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IIT Bombay team wins X-prize Student Competition

A proposed method to capture carbon dioxide and convert it to industrially useful chemicals gets IIT Bombay entry to the X-prize carbon removal grand prize competition.

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A ‘spongy’ liquid to clean up industrial carbon dioxide

A porous liquid composite can convert adsorbed carbon dioxide from industrial effluents to calcium carbonate

Globally, carbon dioxide emissions from human and industrial activities are rising alarmingly, and the gas is escaping into the atmosphere. Industries use physical and chemical absorption methods to capture carbon dioxide from industrial emissions. However, these methods can only capture and store carbon dioxide, which must be transported to a permanent storage site, which requires spending energy additionally. 

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Opportunity for sugar mills to increase profitability

Alkali and enzyme usage need improvement to make lactic acid cost effective and environmentally friendly

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Graphene Valleytronics: Paving the Way to Small-Sized Room-Temperature Quantum Computers

Scientists find a way to use pristine graphene in valleytronics, a promising technology for encoding and processing quantum information

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How severe is one’s Covid-19 infection?

Researchers use mass spectrometry to determine the intensity of Covid-19 infection

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Computational techniques to measure small amounts of soot

A novel data processing technique to measure low amounts of soot more accurately

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