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Archived Research Highlights

These articles have been created and published here by the R&D dissemination initiative of IRCC. To publish a summary of a recent high impact work from IIT Bombay, please follow the guidelines given in the there.

Floating plastics: Nothing to be buoyant about

Study details how floating plastic debris can affect physical processes in the oceans

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A Computational Model of the Bladder

We have all felt it—the uncomfortable feeling in our nether regions that has us heading to the nearest washroom to empty our bladder. While many of us can hold it until we reach a toilet, those with urinary incontinence, or the inability to prevent the leakage of urine from the bladder, face a severe social and hygiene issue. This condition can be caused by a variety of factors, such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones or neurological disorders.

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Understanding How Cities Grow

Study uses digital processing of archived satellite images to study the growth patterns in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

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Repairing Damaged Industrial Components for Sustainable Industrial Growth

Study proposes an improved additive manufacturing method to restore damaged components

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Towards Hazard-free Wearable Health Monitors

Scientists design low-power, low-cost wearable wireless devices to continuously monitor patient’s health indicators like ECG and EEG

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A New Porter for Cancer Drugs

Researchers from IIT Bombay have designed a protein-based carrier for delivering drugs into cancer cells.

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Low-cost lenses to turn smartphones into microscopes

IIT Bombay researchers develop techniques to make tiny, inexpensive lenses that can be used on smartphones

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Jammer Proofing Communication Systems

A theoretical study from IIT Bombay can help make our military communication more robust

The security and reliability of communication systems used in military applications are uncompromisable. Jammers can disrupt radio communication in a locality; a strategy the military is shown to use while attacking terrorist camps in a recent movie. Knowing how jammers behave in various conditions becomes significant.

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Cutting Pesticide Costs in Cotton Farms

Study explores how farmers spend on pesticides in cotton farms based on land size, irrigation and tenancy.

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Welcome AJIT, a ‘Made in India’ Microprocessor

Researchers at IIT Bombay develop the country’s first indigenously designed and fabricated microprocessor.

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