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Archived Research Highlights

These articles have been created and published here by the R&D dissemination initiative of IRCC. To publish a summary of a recent high impact work from IIT Bombay, please follow the guidelines given in the there.

Machine learning helps monitor crop growth

Researchers use radar data from satellites to estimate parameters that determine the growth of soy and wheat.

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Black hole shadows could throw light on dark matter

Researchers investigate the effects of dark matter particles on the growth of black hole shadows

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Mini-fuel Engines Could Replace Batteries in the Future

Researchers design a compact and efficient micro-combustor that powers small electronics

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Capturing Complex Chemical Reactions on Video

New theoretical work demonstrates how sequentially captured images of electrons can be used to show the evolution of electron movement

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Understanding Pain, Virtually

A computer based model of neurons in the urinary bladder 

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Insights from Optics for Better Thermoelectric Devices

New design in thermoelectric devices can increase both output power and efficiency

A significant problem in electronic devices is the generation of heat during their operation. This phenomenon not only leads to the wastage of electric power but can also damage the device. Thermoelectric materials, which convert heat to electricity and vice versa, can be used to turn the generated heat back into electricity, thereby saving power and avoiding overheating of the device.

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Decoding Dried Stains

Shape of dried paint or ink deposit is related to the concentration and size of particles in these colloids

Ever wondered why we use only specific inks for the inkjet printer? Why not any random dye? The wrong ink may result in non-uniform and patchy printing. Printing inks are colloids—tiny solid particles suspended in a liquid. The size and the concentration of the solid particles in the ink specified for printers are designed to deposit uniformly on paper.

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Nanocarbon Florets to Treat Industrial Effluents

Researchers design a new material for removing heavy metal contaminants from water in a single step

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Machine Learning for Faster Drug Discovery

Researchers employ machine learning techniques to search for optimal catalysts for designing pharmaceutically important molecules

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`An Inexpensive Approach to Patterning Cells in a Lab

Researchers propose cost-effective techniques of making microcontact printing stamps to print protein and grow cells

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