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SC/ST Students Cell

Since around June 2022, the SCST students cell has its website: this is updated more regularly and hence all content is retained only there. Please visit the website: https://www.scstcell.iitb.ac.in/

Complaint procedure:

One can also submit an anonymous complaint online using the form: https://goo.gl/forms/F3BKMxkdGu28OGRz2


Your feedback is welcome. Please write to: scstcell[AT]iitb.ac.in, and phone: 9987466279.


Kindly note: the purview of the SC/ST Students Cell is limited to students of IIT Bombay in the context of discrimination about caste/race only. Queries/complaints outside this purview are to be directed towards the appropriate body and emails regarding matters outside the above purview are likely to be remain unanswered.