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Virtual Presence for Convo 2020

  • Example illustration of interaction during virtual presence

Hello, Class of 2020!

You will find all the details regarding the Virtual Presence on Campus here.

To enter our virtual campus click on a destination below (You can choose to go to any destination you like). You will be asked to provide an email ID. You must provide your IITB email address with the Roll Number:  . Do not use any other email like name@iitb.ac.in or others. You should then receive a mail with a verification link. Clicking on “Sign in to Gather”, you will be able to enter the virtual destination (which is a map of that location). 

You will find yourself as a small named cartoon character.  You will also be able to see others moving around.  When you come within close proximity to other characters, or specially marked zones, an interaction starts.  It could be a video conference with the other person, movie, game, or other activities. 

Roam around and enjoy little surprises we have planned for you on the map.  Call and pre-arrange to meet your friends and faculty.  You can also bring your parents along to meet others, just as you would have done in a real convo.

Useful Tips (Cheat Sheet)

  1. Spawning: When you enter you will be placed at a random location (usually near one of the gates) on the map. This is called "spawning". 
  2. Ghost mode (g); You may find the spawning location crowded (as most of them enter near the gate). This will initiate a lot of interaction and you may see several video screens. You can quickly go to "ghost" mode by pressing "g", you become invisible to others.
  3. Cursor keys: You walk around on the map (actually you are at the centre and the map moves) by using the cursor keys.
  4. Zoom in and out: The campus is large, if you have to walk to reach the other corner, it may take time, and you may be lost in the "unfamiliar" map. You can Zoom-out (press Ctrl-minus  plus or Ctrl-mouse scroll) to adjust the view before walking.
  5. Green boxes: These are the entry points to another sub-map (department, gymkhana, hostel etc).
  6. Exit: Each submap has regions marked as "Exit" from where you can get back to the main campus.
  7. x for Interaction: When you near an object placed inside the sub-map, press 'x' and that activity will start.
  8. Locate: You can search, chat, and locate your friends on the map.  This will connect a path between you both.  If the other person is outside your sub-map, the path will take you through the exit.
  9. Respawn: If you are lost or can't find where to exit, click on settings (bottom centre menu) and "respawn",  you will be returned to your initial location.
  10. Video/Audio: To turn off your audio and video, click on the icons on your video window.


Sunday 23 August 5 to 8 pm onwards: Virtual Presence in Departments


Sunday 23 August 8 pm onwards: Virtual Presence in Club activities and events

  • Cultural (at SAC), 
  • Tech (at Tinkerers lab),
  • Sports (at Grounds) 

You can use these link to get the details student representatives: https://tinyurl.com/studentrepsconvo 

Should you have any difficulty in using the platform, we'll be available on this zoom call to help you: 


Meeting ID: 882 0436 2206

Passcode: 7W42kW


We are awaiting to warmly welcome you to this virtual campus. See you soon!