CSR Conclave 2024
Academic Event

Victor Menezes Convention Centre, IIT Bombay

CSR 2024

The third edition of the annual CSR Conclave, 2024 will be held on June 14th, 2024, at the Victor Menezes Convention Centre (VMCC), at the IIT Bombay campus. 

The theme for this year's conclave is "Unlocking CSR for Impactful Research." The conclave focuses on leveraging the power of CSR and corporate philanthropy to fuel research endeavours and technology breakthroughs that demonstrably benefit the society and nation at large.

As an Institute of Eminence, IIT Bombay seeks to cultivate strong partnerships with corporations dedicated to enacting positive change through their CSR and philanthropic efforts. This collaborative spirit aims to unlock groundbreaking research undertakings in critical domains, sustainability, industrial and economic development, and societal impact.