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Student Hostels

IIT Bombay is well known for its extensive residential facilities. Students have the luxury of being located in Powai, one of the finer suburbs of Mumbai, outside the bustle of the city, yet not far from the attractions of the city during weekends. Staying in the campus is particularly attractive because resident students have access to several facilities.



The Hostel Co-Ordinating unit is located on the minus one level of the Main Building of IIT Bombay. The HCU has the role of managing and Co-ordinating the activities of 17 Hostels of campus (hostels no-1 to16, hostel no -18 and Tansa).The HCU also manages the workforce under the centralized hostel management system.

The hostel co-ordinating unit looks after following areas:

  • Co-ordinating the activities of various Hostels in matters of common

Interest and common policy.
Majority of the hostels have a private caterer serving in their messes.  HCU publishes the tender for selection of caterers in various hostels and conducts
The process of selection. The hostel wardens’ council decides and formulates various policies, such as policy of guest booking, policy for selection of caterers to run the messes and canteens in all the hostels. These common policy are implemented by HCU.

  • Issuing no-dues certificates to graduate students

Every graduating students is required to obtain a no dues certificate from the respective hostel before approaching the hostel co-ordinating unit for no dues certificates. The form of no dues certificates is available in HCU.

  • Allotment of hostels for various conference, seminars, workshops

And other events.

Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, symposiums etc. are held in the institute at regular intervals. The participants in these events are accommodated in various  hostels  on campus. For hostel rules the organizers of the event ae required to send request to the associate dean(SA), well in advanced and a Confirmation will be given about two weeks before the date of event.

  • Allotments of Hostels rooms to interns.

Hostels rooms are allotted to external summer intern and also to the interns during winter vacation provided they are working with a faculty member from IIT Bombay. The interns are required to complete the formalities such as registration, payment of internship fees etc. with the academic office and thereafter visit HCU (only during working hours) for allotment of accommodation. Rooms to interns are always provided on sharing bases. The interns are advised not to approach for extension of tenure of stay in hostels. 

  • Allotments of Hostels rooms to the candidates visiting IIT for various Interviews for admission school the academic programme of the institute (M.Tech., M.Sc., Ph.D. etc.)

Hostels rooms are allotted to the candidates appearing for written test interviews, for admission to various academic programme of Institute. The allotment is made for a short duration of 3-4 days. An online portal is activated usually before 10-20 days, before the dates of written test and interviews details instruction are published at the time of release a portal.

  • Handling HR function in respect of CHMS workers.

There are about 125 regular staff employed under the centralized hostel management system. HCU maintained all service records in case of these employees. HCU also process there retirement, final payments etc.

  • Allotment of Guest accommodation to the parents, whose children are Studying in this institute.

Guest accommodation for parents visiting their children’s, studying in IIT Bombay, is provided subject to following norms;

  1. Accommodation is provided for period one week only.
  2. Shared accommodation is provided in any of the hostels only if available.
  3. Accommodation is provided for Father, Mother, Husband/Wife, Siblings (only if accompanied by at least one of the parents), Other relatives (only if accompanied by at least one of the parents)
  • Allotment of hostels to the existing and newly join students.

The students should be staying on campus in legibility manner during the stay


During the second year onwards students are shifted to other hostel. The allocation is again based on their department and no change in allocation is allowed. Towards end of each semester the students are allowed to make a request for retension of room during the vacaton only limited number of such requeat are allowed based on genuine requirement.(Attending summer course, final year project etc)

Accomodation also be provided no legal guardians in expectational cases and medical emergencies certified writing by the IIT hospital or students wellness center for an period of more then one week

Allotment of hostel to newly joinng students

The process of allocation of hostel to the newly joined students is as under:

  • The list of stuents joining the institute is recived from the academic section of the institute and based on the availability of various hostels the students are randomly allocated rooms in vaio hostels.
  • In normal course any change in the room alogation is not allowed.
  • The allogation are usually made keeping in mind the fact hat clubing same departmemt student at one place them to afficieeeetly manage there departments activites such as proects.
  • Usualy all the first year student for al academic programe (UG,PG) are allowted to the same hostel.
  • Only shared acommodation is alloted during the first year of any according programme(B.Tech,M.Tech,P.hd,M.Phil,B.Des,m.Des,etc)

The folowing furniture is provided in the room:

  • bed
  • chair
  • studytable
  • cupboard

IN the following iteams are required to be bought by the students at their own expenses.

  • Buckets
  • Mattress
  • Bedsheets
  • Pillow

Any other items of personal use except electrical items, that may be needed

 IIT Bombay boasts  17 hostels  (hostels no-1 to16, hostel no -18 and Tansa); you can access the links below to learn more about each of these hostels.