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SC/ST Students Cell

The SC/ST Students Cell addresses  academic and non-academic issues and complaints received from students in reserved categories. The institute strives to maintain an environment where all communities can participate in academic and research activities without any sort of discrimination with respect to caste or creed. In order to maintain such an atmosphere, the SC/ST students cell is responsible for sensitizing the campus community about the importance of having diversity.

The cell aims to ensure that anti-discrimination laws in the context of race/caste/creed are followed in letter and in spirit.

The cell is where any complaints by students about discrimination and/or harassment are to be brought up. We encourage student-victims to feel free to write to the following email address. In addition to by email, one can also consider filing an anonymous complaint at the website: https://goo.gl/forms/F3BKMxkdGu28OGRz2  The cell strives to ensure that anonymity is maintained throughout the investigation. The cell is currently headed by Faculty Advisor, Prof. Arindam Chowdhury, Department of Chemistry.



The cell comprises of the following members.

Ex-Officio Members:
  • Associate Dean AP
  • Associate Dean SA
  • ARP Coordinator
  • SC/ST Liason Officer
  • General Secretary (Hostel Affairs)
  • Student Counselor and Coordinator SC-ST Cell
Department level special faculty advisors:
  • Prof. R.S. Pant (Aerospace Engineering): Email: facad.spl.aero[AT]iitb.ac.in,
  • Prof. Pradeep Kumar (Chemistry): Email: facad.spl.chem[AT]iitb.ac.in,
  • Prof. Swati Bhattacharya (Chemical Engineering): Email: facad.spl.che[AT]iitb.ac.in,
  • Prof. Siddhartha Ghosh (Civil Engineering): Email: facad.spl.civil[AT]iitb.ac.in,
  • Prof. Supratik Chakraborty (Computer Science and Engineering): Email: facad.spl.cse[AT]iitb.ac.in,
  • Prof. Kishore Chatterjee (Electrical Engineering):  Email: facad.spl.ee[AT]iitb.ac.in
  • Prof. Sandeep Kumar (Energy Science and Engineering):  Email: facad.spl.ese[AT]iitb.ac.in
  • Prof. Ramesh Bairy (Humanities and Social Sciences):  Email: facad.spl.hss[AT]iitb.ac.in
  • Prof. B.K. Das (Mathematics) Email: facad.spl.maths[AT]iitb.ac.in,
  • Prof. Rakesh Mote (Mechanical Engineering) Email: facad.spl.me[AT]iitb.ac.in,
  • Prof. Parag Bhargava (Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science), Email: facad.spl.met[AT]iitb.ac.in,
  • Prof. S. Mahapatra (Physics) Email: facad.spl.phy[AT]iitb.ac.in.

Please replace "[AT]" with "@" (without the quotes).

Further, one PG student, one UG student and another faculty member are being co-opted as members of the cell.

 Your feedback is welcome. Please write to: scstcell[AT]iitb.ac.in, and phone: 25767154. As mentioned above, please note: one can also submit an anonymous complaint online using the form: https://goo.gl/forms/F3BKMxkdGu28OGRz2

Kindly note: the purview of the SC/ST Students Cell is limited to students of IIT Bombay in the context of discrimination about caste/race/creed only. Queries/complaints outside this purview are to be directed towards the appropriate body and emails regarding matters outside the above purview are likely to be discarded.