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Staff Handbook

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay is recognized worldwide as  a leader in the field of engineering education and research. As a  member of staff in the Institute, you have become a part of this  prestigious Institution which has made its presence felt all across the  world through its alumni who are the flag bearers of the Institute.   We take immense pride in the quality of education we impart and  the values we give to our students. The vision of IIT Bombay is to  be the fountainhead of new ideas and of innovators in technology  and science. The mission of our Institute is to create an ambience in  which new ideas and creativity flourish and from which research and  scholarship and leaders and innovators of tomorrow emerge. It is our  collective privilege and opportunity to work together to ensure future  success of our Institute. I look forward to making this aspiration a  reality with the help and support of all of you.

As an employee, the Institute expects you to follow the ethics and  code of conduct while you perform your duties, and at the same time,  also provide you with certain privileges which will not only secure  your present but your future as well. Therefore, the need for a handy  booklet to consolidate all the information an employee is likely to  need in navigating through his/her career at IIT Bombay has been  a long felt one. In order to address this need, we have come out with  the Staff Handbook.

I hope this handbook, which incorporates all the required  information, will be useful as a day-to-day reference for staff  members. While one gets to find out written and unwritten rules as  one progresses through one’s career in the Institute, a handbook like  this is particularly useful for new employees.

Finally, a disclaimer. Every effort has been made to keep the  handbook up-to-date and accurate to serve as a guide. However,  details of rules and regulations regarding specific need and situation  should be confirmed from administration as these are dynamic in  nature. Guidelines given in this handbook should not be construed  as authority.

Prof. Y. M. Desai

Former Dean(Administrative Affairs)