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Major functions of the Public Health Organisation

I) Housekeeping work at Departments, Sections, Hostels, Main Building, Central library & Schools on Sqm area basis as per scope of work.
II) Housekeeping work during various Institute, Departments & Students Functions in in the campus.
Pest Control:
I) General pest control
II) Anti termite treatment.
III) Sewage Manhole (chamber) treatment for cockroache control.
IV) Treatment against bad smell.
Mosquito Control:
I) Anti Larval treatment.
II) Fogging treatment for Adult mosquito control as per schedule.
III) Spraying of insecticide for insects and mosquito as per schedule.
IV) Checking & treatment of mosquito breeding places.
V) Checking of overhead tanks.
VI) Fogging & Spraying at school, labour camps and construction sites as per schedule.
Rodent Control:
Rodent control treatment in all over the campus.
Solid Waste Management:
I) House to House garbage collection.
II) Segregation of solid waste into recyclable & non recyclable waste.
III) Collection, transportation & disposal of garbage from all Hostels, academic & residential area.
IV) Collection & disposal of dry leaves unwanted material a from campus.
V) Treating food waste by Bio composting process.
VI) Bio composting for the dry leves by forming pits
VII) Biogas plant for treatment of food waste generating in Hostels.
VIII) Collection of garbage from all labour camps.
Stray animals:
I) Sterilization & vaccination of dogs.
II) Disposal of dead animals & birds.
Licening with BMC:
I) Solid waste disposal.
II) Dog nuisance.
III) Caracas removal from the campus.
IV) Anti malaria treatment inside the campus.
Water Conservation SBT plant:
Running the soil biotechnology plant for treating waste water & recuse for flushing purpose.
Pre-monsoon Activity:
I) Storm water drains cleaning.
II) Collection & disposal of unwanted material from campus.
III) Storm water drain treatment.
IV) Department & Hostel Buildings. Terrace cleaning work.
V) Department Buildings. Surrounding cleaning work.
Services During Institute Functions
Convocation function, Mood Indigo, Tech – Fest, Seminars/Lecture, PAF, Examinations, Community Hall, Gulmohar Building & Lawn.
Road and storm water drains cleaning:
All Main Roads, All residential, Academic & Hostel area Roads and Storm water drains cleaning.
New Additional Activities:
I) Installation of various size dustbins through out the campus.
II) Development of 2 TPD Biomethanization plant for treatment of waste food.
III) Department & New Residential Building duct cleaning.
IV) Department & New Residential Building lift treatment.
V) Development of stationary compactor for storage & transportation of garbage.