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Major functions of the Public Health Organisation (PHO)

Housekeeping Works:
1) Academic & Administration Buildings.
2) Hostels, Canteens & its surrounding area.
3) Sport Complexes.
4) All Main roads.
5) Residential areas.
6) Guest Houses & Gulmohar bldg.
Pest Control:
1) General pest control
2) Anti termite treatment.
3) Sewage Manhole (chamber) treatment for cockroach control.
4) Treatment against bad smell.
Mosquito Control:
1) Anti Larval treatment.
2) Fogging treatment for Adult mosquito control as per schedule.
3) Spraying of insecticide for insects and mosquito as per schedule.
4) Checking & treatment of mosquito breeding places.
5) Checking of overhead tanks.
6) Fogging & Spraying at school, labour camps and construction sites as per schedule.
Rat Control:
1) Rat control treatment in all over the campus.
Solid Waste Management:
1) House to House garbage collection.
2) Segregation of solid waste into recyclable & non recyclable waste.
3) Collection, transportation & disposal of wet & dry garbage from all Hostels, academic & residential area.
4) Collection & disposal of dry leaves and unwanted material a from campus.
5) Treating food waste by composting process.
6) Bio composting for the dry leaves by forming pits
7) Operation & Maintenance of Biogas plant for treatment of food waste generating in Hostels.
8) Collection of garbage from all labour camps.
9) Bio medical & Bio hazard waste collection & disposal
10) E – waste collection & disposal.
Stray animals:
1) Sterilization & vaccination of dogs.
2) Disposal of dead animals & birds.
Pre-monsoon Activity:
1) Storm water drains cleaning.
2) Collection & disposal of unwanted material from campus.
3) Storm water drain treatment.
4) Department, Hostel Buildings & Residential area terraces cleaning work.
Services During Institute Functions:
Convocation function, Mood Indigo, Tech – Fest, Seminars/Lecture, PAF, Examinations,
Community Hall, Gulmohar Building & Lawn.
Road and storm water drains cleaning:
All Main Roads Mechanized road cleaning, All residential, Academic & Hostel area
Roads and Storm water drains cleaning.
Other Activities:
1) Installation of various size dustbins through out the campus.
2) Development of 2 TPD Biomethanization plant for treatment of waste food.
3) Department & New Residential Building duct cleaning.
4) Department & New Residential Building lift treatment.
5) Operate & Maintenance of stationary compactor for storage & transportation of garbage.
Licening with BMC:
1) Solid waste disposal.
2) Dog nuisance.
3) Caracas removal from the campus.
4) Mosquito control treatment inside the campus.