Safety Compliance Undertaking


 Safety is a primary concern and therefore the Institute has made safety undertaking mandatory for the students.

 A list of safety videos and ppts pertaining to students of each Academic Unit of the Institute is available on laboratory safety web portal (URL:

 Students are advised to read/view them carefully to get themselves familiarized, before signing an undertaking.


 Note for new entrants

 An undertaking must be submitted by every student within fifteen days of obtaining LDAP access, without which his/her LDAP access will be withdrawn.


 Note for the existing students

 An undertaking must be submitted by all the students within fifteen days from the first communication from ASC asking to sign the undertaking.

 (Details mentioned above will be circulated by ASC to all students)


  • I have read/viewed the safety videos and safety ppts prescribed for me.

  • I will comply with the safety norms while working in the laboratory and other places of the Institute.

  • I understand that non-compliance will invite disciplinary action.

*This is an electronic undertaking and does not require submission of any physical document.