"I had the opportunity and pleasure of having Lavina Lewis and Anisha Matthews as my counsellors in IITB at a time when I was having trouble coping with my emotions - I suffered from clinical depression and social anxiety, both of which arose because of a combination of pressure to excel at IITB, family issues and other issues. I was under counseling for the 3rd and 4th years of my study - after that, I passed out.


Initially, I was really skeptical of the whole 'Therapy' thing. This was to do with a lack of trust from my side that therapists will empathize with me but this quickly changed after a few sessions with Anisha ma'am who was my first counselor. My initial reason for going to the SWC was because I was lacking people in my life who would emotionally support me. While Anisha ma'am helped me manage this void in my life so that it doesn't adversely affect my studies, Lavina ma'am who was the counselor after Anisha ma'am went on an extended leave, helped me in understanding how I can go about building such support for myself in life. I have say that I wouldn't have been able to complete my studies without any failed courses if it wasn't for these two wonderful therapists and the swc.


Anisha ma'am helped me handle the initial phase of depression where I was not eating, not going to classes, not being able to talk to people - just not even living. It was through her support, that I started eating and going to classes. I really appreciate her for that.


Lavina ma'am helped me open up and stop being rigid in life. She helped me become kind towards myself and just simply love myself - warts and all. The fact that I most appreciate about Lavina ma'am is that she was not only supportive of the troubles I was facing in my life that were out of my control, but also was quick to point out any changes that were in my control and that I should be making to lead a more balanced life. This helped me immensely and has given me a more positive look of life.


I am really grateful for the empathy Lavina ma'am and Anisha ma'am showed on me and also instilled it in me. I think they are really great counsellors and I am thankful to them.