"There was a time during my PhD days when it felt too overwhelming to carry on despite my commitment and love for my research work. I was facing feelings that I didn't think I could share even with my closest people. I used to feel stuffed with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. On top of academic pressure and staying in Mumbai away from family, I felt my whole world coming down when my dog, Daisy, suddenly passed away. I blamed myself for not taking care of her properly as I was too busy fulfilling my academic commitments. The pain was too much to bear. I tried with all my might to drown my pain in my work but it only made me feel worse. That's when I came across Ms. Anisha Mathews and booked a session with her. I met her and she gave me the space to cry and let all my emotions out. She listened to me patiently, let me just be vulnerable, and helped me make sense of my feelings. She saw me in a non-judgmental way without forcing her views. She met me at my level to understand me and my concerns. Accordingly, she acted as a sounding board and offered actionable advice whenever needed. Though I have met her only a few times, her sessions made me feel calm and lighter. Thank you very much, Anisha…..