Dhatuki : The Official Newsletter of The Department

The Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science is one of the oldest and biggest departments of IIT Bombay. We have a glorious past and a promising future. To keep the faculty members and the entire student fraternity updated with the happenings in the Department, as well as to encourage them to be avidly interested in the world of materials, we came up with this magazine. Ever since, Dhatuki has been consistently attracting the attention of the young and the old.

One of the strongest points about dhatuki is that it has changed its content in a way so as to suite the tastes of our readers. Our editions bring out the best in the creative thinking of the students which show all the industries related to our department that we as a department are continously growing and expanding in research. Materials Science has been portrayed as the prime aspect in our editorials but we don't forget to leave out the fun part as well. Along with the serious editorials we have a serious fun section where we bring out the outrageous materials trivia. To order your own issue of Dhatuki, contact our Dhatuki team.

Dhatuki is not just a newsletter. It is a mission to explore the field of materials science, to get its readers enthused about the latest buzz in materials research and to acquaint them with all the golden opportunities that shall be knocking at their doors in the near future.

dhatuki issue1


The first ever edition of Dhatuki introduces its readers to the world of Materials Science. It has various articles ranging from “Why is everyone a Materials Scientist?” to the History of Iron and steel. It brings to us the various unusual properties of carbon fibres and their various applications.

dhatuki issue 2


Flexible displays have come out of the world of Science fiction into real life. This technology that has been under perusal for the past 20 years with heavy investments from various industries, was chosen to be the theme for the second issue of Dhatuki. Various other articles based on solid oxide fuel cells and the contribution of our department towards the research and building up of the PSLV have also been included in the same.

dhatuki issue 3


This issue includes various articles based on the materials used in day-to-day life, as well as those used in the gear used by superheroes. We also have an article which explains the various methods of powder synthesis and manufacturing different components by powder metallurgy.

dhatuki issue 4


This edition is a theme based one, with the theme being the latest buzzword, “Nanotechnology”. It also has an interview with Shreerang Chhatre, winner of the President’s Gold Medal and an article giving the students a deep insight into the policies of the institute regarding practical training. It explores the Nanoworld and brings to it’s entry in our lives.

dhatuki issue 5


This edition comes up with an interesting theme: Biomaterials. It introduces to the readers the “Bionic Man”: A man having his various body parts replaced by artificial implants. An article on the current ongoing research in the department in the field of Biomaterials has also been included.

dhatuki issue 6


The theme of the edition was materials for energy efficiency and conservation. This issue offered solutions for sustainability while retaining the regular features of a department magazine. There were articles on futuristic solar cells, fuel cells and environmental policies besides a coverage of car fuels' evolution, internship experiences, department research and technology news. Interesting facts about each article were included in a side column for parallel reading.

dhatuki issue 7


The theme of the edition was materials for sensor technology. The issue introduced the new age smart and functional materials used in sensors today.It also included an interesting arcticle on the study of Chandrayaan-I, India's first unmanned lunar probe. The issue threw some light on nano-sensors as well, covering many interesting facets of the modern sensor technology.


This years edition tried to answer some important questions like “What after Graduation”, also discussing about entrepreneurship in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science. Dhatuki highlighted pertinent issues like what new developments, constitutional and infrastructural, have been planned in the department. Words of wisdom from our alumni were also included to help the students in their endeavours. Finally for the enthusiastic ones, this issue came up with a leisure piece on superhero materials science.