• I am interested in learning a Management course but I have a low CPI so i couldn’t get it as a minor course. Is there still some way in which i can study the course??
    You can take the course as an audit after talking to the concerned professor or you can take it as additional learning course. As you have a low CPI and as this will be case of overload, you have to talk to your faculty advisor. If he approves, then you can take the course, provided you already have concerned professor’s permission for taking it as Additional Learning Course and not as minor.

  • What is the difference in taking a course as an additional learning course or an Elective?
    Additional courses do not get counted in your CPI. They will just be mentioned in your grades on your transcript. You are supposed to do 2 institute electives in your entire curriculum and those will be counted in your CPI

  • What is the procedure of taking institute elective courses? How many institute elective courses we can take in 4 years?
    According to the curriculum, an MEMS student has to do 2 institute electives. To take an institute elective, during the online registration, select any course of your choice on ASC (apart from MEMS dept.) and from the drop down menu, select institute elective so that it is registered as an institute elective.

  • I have done a course in some other department (excluding institute elective). Do I still need to take any other course out of department as an institute elective?
    No. You can tag any course as institute elective while tagging. So you need not do another course.

  • Can I tag one of my minors as an institute elective?
    Yes. While tagging you can tag any of your minors as your institute elective and reduce the academic burden for further semesters.

  • I wish to take a course from the MEMS dept. which is out of my curriculum. Can I take that course as a minor/elective?
    You can take that course as an additional course or as Honors elective. Being a MEMS student you cannot tag a MEMS course as your Minor course.

  • I wish to change my minor. How can I do that?
    If you have been allotted a minor, you have to drop that and contact the instructor of the minor course you wish to take as your minor. If the instructor allows, then you need to get his signature on a particular form available in the department office.

  • I am a UG student (2nd/3rd/4th year) and I wish to become a TA for one of the UG courses in the department. How can I apply?
    For the department courses, TA duties are allotted only to 5th year UG and PG students. Although you can be allotted TA duty for the institute courses like EE 101, MA 105 if you have scored a grade >= AA in that particular course.

  • Is doing a BTP necessary for completing Honors for B.Tech students?
    No. You can do either a BTP or two honors elective courses in order to complete Honors. Other than the 2 compulsory courses you can opt between elective courses and BTP. The curriculum is as given here:

  • When can I do BTP-I and BTP-II. Are there any academic requirements?
    You can register for BTP-I in 7th semester and BTP-II in 8th semester. You can register for BTP-II only if you have a grade >=8 in BTP-I.