Title of the course

MM 206 :  Experimental Techniques in Materials Science     


Credit structure

L          T          P          C

2           1          0           6



Pre-requisite, if any




Course content

Properties of Electromagnetic radiation, interaction of EM radiation with matter, absorption, scattering, diffraction, polarization, excitation and de-excitation. Experimental techniques and analysis of materials through X-ray scattering techniques: powder method, Laue method, crystal structure determination.  Phase diagram determination; X-ray stress measurements; X-ray spectroscopy;   Scanning techniques (SEM, AFM, STM); Optical microscopy; optical and vibrational spectroscopy.

Experimental methods in materials properties measurements: electrical, thermal, magnetic, mechanical and optical.




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Metals Handbook Vol. 9, Characterization of Materials, 10th Ed., American Soc. of Metals, Metals Park, Ohio, 1986.


G.A. Higgerson, Experiments in Materials Technology, Affiliated East-West Press, 1973.


L.C. Azzarof, Elements of X-ray Crystallography, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1968.


M.V. Heimendahl, Electron Microscopy of Materials-An Introduction, Academic Press, 1980.


Instructor(s) name

Prof. Parag Bhargava



L – Lecture, T – Tutorial, P – Practical, C - Credit