Title of the course

MM 409 :  Colloid and Interface Science        


Credit structure

L          T          P          C

2           1          0           6


Pre-requisite, if any



Course content

Natures of interfaces, Thermodynamics of interfaces, Adsorption and deposition at surfaces and interfaces, Surface tension, Capillarity and wetting, Surfactants, Micelles, Critical micelle concentration, Emulsions, Surface activity in emulsions, Stability of emulsions, Demulsification, Foams, Foam structures, Foam drainage and stability, Foam inhibition and antifoams. Measurement of surface and interfacial tension, Measurement of contact angle, Fine particles, Colloid materials, and colloid stability, Clusters, Nanomaterials, Light scattering by small particles, Self-organization, Interfacial forces and fields, Electrical double layer, Hamaker constant, DLVO theory, vander-waals forces, Electrostatic, steric and electrosteric stabilization, Zeta potential, Flocculation, Coagulation, Electrokinetics, and Rheology of dispersions, Porous materials and membranes, Thin films, Surfactant assisted nanoparticle synthesis, Applications of colloid and interfacial science.




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Instructor(s) name

Prof. Ajay Panwar