Title of the course

MM 650: Protective Coatings



Credit structure

L          T          P          C

3           0          0          6



Pre-requisite, if any




Course content

Requirement of protective coatings, classification of organic, polymeric and inorganic coatings, conversion coatings, metallic coatings, electrodeposition and elecotroless coatings. Paint coatings for corrosion protection, role of resins, pigment, additives and solvents. Application techniques: Surface preparation and its importance in coating, role of coating selection & design of coating, failure mechanism , maintenance coatings, industrial paint systems, modern paint coating systems and specific examples. Coatings for underground pipelines, storage tanks, overhead pipelines, offshore structures, ship hulls, risers, reinforced bars and concrete structures. Testing and evaluation.




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Instructor(s) name

Prof. Khanna A. S.,Sivasambu Bohm