Title of the course

.MM 695: High Temperature Corrosion



Credit structure

L          T          P          C

3           0          0           6



Pre-requisite, if any




Course content

Low temperature vs high temperature corrosion. Introduction to oxidation, thermodynamics of gas/metal reaction, stability of oxides/sulphides. Ellingham diagrams; oxidation kinetics 302226 linear, parabolic, cubic, logarithmic rate laws, Wagner302222s theory of oxidation. Types of oxidation: general oxidation, selective oxidation, internal oxidation, breakaway and catastrophic oxidation; defects in oxides (p&n type), Wagner Hauffe Rules, Kroger Vink notations; oxidation vs sulphidation, hot-corrosion, oxidation of important metals and alloys; Use of electron-optical techniques in assessing oxidation damage and understanding oxidation mechanism. Practical examples of high temperature oxidation 302226 power plants, gas turbines, petrochemical plants etc.



Per Kofstad, High Temperature Corrosion, Elsevier Applied Science, 1988.U.R. Evans, Corrosion and Oxidation of Metals, Arnold Publ., London, 1981.N. Birks and G.H. Meier, Introduction to Oxidation of Metals, Edward Arnold, London, 1983.A.S. Khanna, Introduction to High Temperature Oxidation and Corrosion, ASM International, Materials Park, Ohio, 2002.



Instructor(s) name

Prof. A.S.Khanna