Title of the course

MM 739: Semiconductor Photoelectrochemistry and Photocatalysis



Credit structure

L          T          P          C

3           0          0           6



Pre-requisite, if any




Course content

Semiconductor Surfaces and Solid-Solid Junctions, Solid-Liquid Interface, Theory of Electron and Hole Transfer, Charge Transfer Processes at Semiconductor-Liquid Interfaces, Photoreactions at Semiconductor Particles, Electron Transfer Processes Between Excited Molecules and Semiconductor Electrodes, Semiconductor electrodes and their interaction with light, Kinetic aspects in photoelectrochemical solar cells, Materials engineering: General considerations, Choosing a photoelectrode, Photostorage of solar energy in colloidal semiconductor systems, Redox catalysis in photochemical and photoelectrochemical solar energy conversion systems, Effect of organized assemblies on electron transfer reactions and charge separation processes, Photocatalytic reactions of organic compounds. Hydrogen generation from organics and degration of wastes, Heterogenous photocatalysis: overview on the water splitting, CO2 reduction and dinitrogen reduction. 10 



Semiconductor electrochemistry, Rudiger Memming, Wiley publishers, Germany, 20082. Photoelectrochemisry, photocatalysis and photoreactors, Mario Schiavello, Springer Science,Germany, 19873. Semiconductor photoelectrochemistry, Yuri Pleskov & Yuri Gurevich, Consultants Bureau,NewYork, 198611



Instructor(s) name

Prof. Aswani Yella