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Professor: May2021-Present
Associate Professor : May 2016- May 2021
Assistant Professor: Nov 2011- May 2016

Tel: +91-022-2576-7608


  • G. Srinivas, Harshad Gupta , Dipti Gupta, "Highly Elastic Polymer Substrates with Mechanical Gradient for Stretchable Electronic Applications" Indian Patent Application No 201621011548,
  • G. Srinivas, D. Gupta et al Method for preparation of Multimodal Sensor” Indian Patent application no. 201621035640.
  • C. Parameswaran, D. Gupta, Single Step Fabrication of Porous Elastomer For High Sensitivity Pressure Sensor, Indian Patent application no. 201621035640.
  • Ajay K. Botcha, S. Sarkar, Dipti Gupta, "An electrical sensing method for specific and selective detection of Cyanide ions" Indian Patent Application No. 201621032197
  • Deepak, M. Katiyar, S.S.K. Iyer, Dipti Gupta, “Organic Thin Film Transistor structures with vertical source and drain separation”, Indian Patent Application No 1775/DEL/2004, Granted: 25/08/2006

Research Interests

  • Flexible and stretchable electronics
  • Organic electronic devices for energy and biomedical applications
  • Printed electronic and energy storage devices

Research Projects

  • Flexible tactile sensors for robotics and biomedical applications, Technology Development Board DST-TDB , 2016-2019 Co-PI, NCPRE- Phase II, 2016-2021
  • Blood Pressure measurement device based on OTFT, INDOUSSTF, 2014-2016
  • Blood Pressure measurement device, Wadhwani research center for Bioengineering, IITB 2015-2016
  • Fabrication of all-inkjet printed organic solar cells in an inverted geometry, DST-SERI, 2013-2016
  • Inkjet Printed Flexible Thin Film Transistors, DST, 2013-2016
  • Development of plastic electronic devices using organic, inorganic and hybrid materials, IITB- Seed Grant, 2012-2015

Selected Publications:

  • Srinivas Gandla, Harshad Gupta, P Anil Reddy, Amit Tewari, DiptiGupta*, "Highly elastic polymer substrates with tunable mechanical properties for stretchable electronics  applications",  RSC  Advances,  Vol 6, page 107793-107799, Nov 2016  
  • K Karuppasamy*, P.Anil Reddy, Gandla Srinivas, Amit Tewari, Ramakant Sharma, X. SahayaShajan, Dipti Gupta*, "Electrochemical and Cycling performances of novel nonafluorobutane sulfonate (nonaflate) ionic liquid based ternary gel polymer electrolyte membranes for rechargeable lithium ion batteries",  Journal of Membrane Science, Vol 516, page 350~357, 2016
  • Srinivas Gandla, Sankara Rao Gollu, Ramakant Sharma, Venkateshwarlu Sarangi and Dipti Gupta* , "Dual Role of Boron in Improving Electrical Performance and Device Stability of Low Temperature Solution Processed ZnO Thin Film Transistors, Applied Physics Letters vol. 107, p. 152102, 2015 
  • Amit Tewari, Srinivas G,Anil reddy, Karuppa swamy, Siva Bohm, Arup R Bhattacharya, Chris Mcneill ,Dipti Gupta*,  "High-mobility and low-operating voltage organic thin film transistor with epoxy based siloxane binder as the gate dielectric", Applied Physics Letters, vol. 107, p. 103302, 2015  
  • Souvik Kundu , Sankara Rao Gollu, Ramakant Sharmaa Srinivas G, Adersh Ashok, A. R. Kulkarni and Dipti Gupta*,  "Device stability of inverted and conventional bulk heterojunction solar cells with MoO3 and ZnO nanoparticles as charge transport layers", Organic Electronics, Vol 14, page-3083-3088 Nov 2013 
  • Souvik Kundu*,Sankara Rao Gollu, Ramakant Sharma, Nripendra. N Halder,Pranab Biswas, P. Banerji, and Dipti Gupta*, "GaAs metal-oxide-semiconductor based nonvolatile memory devices embedded with ZnO quantum dots", Journal of Applied Physics, 114, 084509 (2013)
  • Ramakant Sharma, H Lee, V Gupta, H Kim, M kumar, C sharma, S Chand ,  S Yoo and  Dipti Gupta*,"Photo-physics of PTB7, PCBM and ICBA based ternary solar cells",Organic Electronics,  Vol 34, page-111-117,  July 2016
  •  S. Han, W-S. Shin, M. Seo, Dipti Gupta, and S. Yoo*, “Improved efficiency in organic solar cells with metal-oxides as an interfacial buffer layer” Organic Electronics, Vol. 10, pp. 791-797, 2009
  •  Dipti Gupta, Manish Anand,  Seong-Wan Ryu, Yang-Kyu Choi*, and Seunghyup Yoo*, “Non-volatile memory based on sol-gel ZnO TFTs with Ag nanoparticles embedded in the ZnO/ gate insulator interface” Applied Physics Letters, vol. 93, p. 224106, 2008
  • Sungho Kim, Hanul Moon, Dipti Gupta, Seunghyup Yoo, and Yang-Kyu Choi*, “Resistive switching characteristics of sol-gel zinc oxide films for flexible memory applications”IEEE Trans. Electron Dev., vol. 56(4), p.696, 2009

Books published

  • Dipti Gupta*, Seunghyup Yoo, Changhee Lee and Yongtaek Hong, “Importance of simulation studies in analysis of thin film transistors based on organic and metal oxide semiconductors” , Numerical Simulations / Book 2, ISBN 978-953-307-1423-5, Intech publications