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Academic Background:

  • M.Tech (Materials Science), IIT Kanpur (1985)
  • Ph.D. (Solid State Chemistry), Purdue University (1991)


  • Experimentation concerning use of high temperature ionic conductors like Lithium sulphate and Sodium sulphate in solid state betteries at room temperature.
  • Growth and characterization of oxide materials for GMR applications.

Selected Publications:

  • “Development of Novel Perovskite Based Oxide Ion Conductor” Sinha A., Sharma B. P. and Gopalan P., ElectrochimicaActa 51 (7), 1184-1193 (2006).
  • "Effect of Habit Modification on Optical and X-ray Structures of Sodium Halate Mixed Crystals" P. Gopalan, G. Crundwell, A. Bakulin, M. L. Peterson and B. E. Kahr, ActaCryst. Sect. B., B 53, 189 (1997).
  • “Effect of Preparative Parameters on the Electrical Conduction of Li2SO4-Al2O3 Composites” Gopalan P., Bhandari S., Kulkarni A. R., Palkar V. R., Materials Res. Bull. 37, 2043 (2002).
  • “Dielectric Properties of A- and B- Site-Doped BaTiO3 (I): La – and Al Doped Solid Solutions” Bobde S. M., Gulwade D. D., Kulkarni A. R. and Gopalan P., Journal of Applied Physics 97(7), 074105 (2005).