After securing admission at the Institute and starting your stay here, you may feel that a lot of parameters around you are different.  You would have more responsibilities to handle at the hostel and at the academic level. Take heart, you will not be the only one. There are a few issues that almost everyone in the Institute faces initially like academic concerns, social (family and peer) pressure etc, leading to feelings of loneliness, low confidence, anxiety, stress, anger and sadness, to name a few.

It is important to understand that students often lose their focus and give in to these pressures. If not attended to at the right time, this could lead to poor performance -- both academically and personally.

To help you refrain from losing focus and being unhappy, we as Counsellors encourage you to approach us for any problem that you are facing-  be it academic, emotional, social or financial- without hesitation.

Counselling provides an opportunity for individuals to learn to make better choices, improve interpersonal skills, develop confidence and increase educational effectiveness. In a one-on-one meeting with a counsellor, students are helped to explore and express feelings, examine beliefs and ways of thinking about their present situation, reflect on patterns of behavior, and work toward making healthier and happier changes.

Typical concerns of students who seek counselling are :

  • Transition and change
  • Uncertainty about values and goals
  • Academic pressure
  • Dealing with new academic patterns
  • Personal relationships with the special one and with friends
  • Family concerns
  • Issues of grief and loss
  • Stress, depression and anxiety
  • Lack of motivation; concentration difficulties
  •  Others…

Student Wellness Centre provides

1. Individual Counselling…

  • student get space to talk with no pressure
  • confidentiality is maintained
  • no judgment, criticism and assumptions
  • you can unburden yourself

Counsellors will…

  • respect you and your problems
  • will help you to consider the different options and make choices
  • surely will make an attempt to reduce the problem
  • will intervene with right people to help you if required 

Appointments are available from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday-Friday and students are usually seen for 45 minutes, depending on demand.  Students can take an appointment by vising the following link: 

Intake appointments are scheduled with students at times and dates which are convenient to them, depending on their academic commitments.

In either case, the goal of the first meeting is to help the student identify the issues that are causing them the most concern.

If a student wishes to continue in counselling, he/she usually continues to meet with the same counsellor seen in intake or Walk-In.

2. Psychological Assessment

In some cases where more precise diagnoses are required, we conduct psychological assessments. These tests are administered by a trained psychometrician. These tests help all those who are concerned with the student’s wellbeing to decide upon the best possible intervention.

3. Workshops and Events

The Wellness centre also organizes different workshops and events during each academic year. The workshops and events are organized on different topics related to mental health and are based on the need of the students like dealing with stress, time management, relationship issues etc.

The team organizes various events on occasions like Mental Health Day, International Happiness Day and World Suicide Prevention Day.