The Department offers various academic programs and has a large research activity spanning many areas. The department offers a four Year B.Tech. Program, and a five year Dual Degree M.Tech. Program, two year M.Tech. Program and Ph.D. Program. The curriculum for these programs has been developed keeping in view the present technological status and future needs. It provides a strong background in conventional materials like ferrous and non-ferrous alloys as well as advanced materials like electronic materials, ceramics, composites and polymers.

The Dual Degree M.Tech. Program with specializations in Metallurgical Process Engineering, Ceramics and Composites is the first of its kind in the country. The curriculum for this program has been formulated to train the students for leadership in both industry and academics. The highlights of this program are: Courses in Environmental Science, Technology Management, Materials Processing and Designing, Plant Engineering and Simulation & Optimization. Apart from the theoretical courses it also has a large project work component, Course Projects, Modelling and Simulation assignments, Seminars, B.Tech. Projects, and the Master’s Thesis, for duration of 18 months.

The four semester M.Tech. Program designed for students with B.Tech../M.Sc. background has been recently modified keeping in view the needs of the industry. This program offers specializations in the areas of the Process Metallurgy and Materials Science and Engineering. The curriculum has been revised to build on the strength of the background of students who came from various disciplines into this program. The M.Tech. Project is based on current industrial problems and requirements.