MM 152Materials & Technology
MM 201Structure of Materials
MM 202Thermodynamics of Materials
MM 203Mechanics of Materials
MM 204Transport Phenomena
MM 206Experimental Techniques in Materials Science
MM 207Engineering Metallurgy
MM 212Metallography and Structural Characterisation Lab
MM 215Experimentation and Measurement lab
MM 217Data Analysis and Interpretation
MM 220Computation Lab
MM 301Phase Transformations
MM 302Mechanical working of metals
MM 305Kinetics of Processes
MM 312Heat Treatment Laboratory
MM 318Electronic Properties of Materials
MM 319Mechanical Behaviour of Materials
MM 320Principles of Process Metallurgy
MM 322Casting and Joining Lab
MM 323Manufacturing Processes Laboratory
MM 325Phase Transformations
MM 327Mechanical behaviour of Metals
MM 357Ceramics and Powder Metallurgy
MM 359Metal Casting and Joining
MM 362Mech. Testing Lab.
MM 396Seminar
MM 401Process Control Theory and Instrumentation
MM 406Semiconductor Devices and Processing
MM 407Iron and Steelmaking
MM 409Colloidal & Interfacial Science
MM 419Computation and Controls Lab
MM 426Equipment and Process Design Lab
MM 433Manufacturing Process Seminar
MM 448Thin Films Lab
MM 451Instrumentation and Process Control Theory
MM 453Engg. Polymers & Composites of Materials
MM 454Corrosion & Protection of Materials
MM 462Corrosion & Protection Lab
MM 474Science and Technology of Thin Films
MM 611Processing and Characterization of Steel (Lab.)
MM 612Computational Laboratory
MM 621Advanced Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy
MM 622Advanced Concepts in Iron Making
MM 624Advanced Concepts in Steel Making
MM 626Thermomechanical Processing and Forming of Steel
MM 638Polymer Blends and Composites
MM 640Modelling of Microstructural evalution
MM 641Numerical Methods in Materials Processing
MM 642Modelling of Metallurgical Processes
MM 646Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Corrosion Processes
MM 650Protective Coatings
MM 651Thermodynamics of Materials
MM 652Advanced Ceramics
MM 653Characterisation of Materials
MM 654Advanced Composites
MM 655Modelling and Analysis
MM 656Simulation and Optimisation
MM 659Transport Phenomena
MM 664Corrosion Control Practice for Industries
MM 668Computational Methods for Metal Forming Analysis
MM 669Mechanical Behavior of Thin Films
MM 674Materials & Processes for Semiconductor Devices
MM 677Diffusion and Kinetics
MM 678Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
MM 680Welding Science and Technology
MM 684X-Ray Diffraction and Electron Microscopy
MM 685Electrical and Magnetic Materials
MM 688Non-Crystalline Materials
MM 691Topics in Phase Transformations
MM 694Seminar
MM 695High Temperature Corrosion
MM 697II Stage Project
MM 699Corrosion Labaratory
MM 713Aqueous Corrosion and its Control
MM 716Nanomaterials for Advanced Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion
MM 718Laser Processing and Nanostructures
MM 720Organic Semiconductors and Devices
MM 729Characterization of Materials for Corrosion Control
MM 730Topics in Mechanical Behaviour of Materials
MM 731Experiments in Advanced Materials Processing (Lab)
MM 732Structural Characterization of Materials
MM 733Mechanical Characterization of Materials
MM 734Electrical Characterization of Materials
MM 735Material Characterization at High Temperatures
MM 736Characterization Techniques in Corrosion Science
MM 737Physical Metallurgy
MM 738Physics of Materials
MM 739Semiconductor Photoelectrochemistry and Photocatalysis
MM 755Kinetics of High Temperature Process
MM 792Communication Skills -II