Our mission is to promote the interests of the Department in setting a world standard of academic excellence by strengthening the ties of goodwill and communication between the Department, its alumni, and its students, and by maintaining programs to serve their needs

In fulfilling this mission, the office works in conjunction with and supports the Student Alumni Research Cell (SARC) and its associated programs-

Buddy talks  

Department invites recently passed-out alumni as well as experienced corporates willing to help our graduating students ease through their placements & address issues in a very informal session.

DIP ( Department Industrial Perspective)

Department invites stalwarts with a specific industrial expertise to engage students in learning practical aspects as well the industrial applications of the concepts we learn in our classes by means of a routine-course. This session surely is one such lecture where students fill in numbers to listen to our alumni & have a good time in the class.

Alumni of MEMS are an important part of the MEMS community and remain a critical resource for the success of our future graduates.The Department looks forward to hearing from you.  We welcome your comments and ideas about the Department, and would as well like to invite you for talks and discussing latest developments.

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Alumni Day 2010