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Academic Background:

  • M.Sc. (Chemistry), Delhi University (1974)
  • M.Tech. (Metallurgical Engineering), IIT Kanpur (1980)
  • Ph.D (Metallurgical Engineering), Madras University (1986)


  • High Temperature Corrosion
  • Surface Modifications
  • Organic Paint Coatings
  • Rebar Corrosion

Selected Publications:

  • "Sol gel derived organic-inorganic hybrid coating: A new era in corrosion protection of material" Pathak S. S., Khanna A. S., Sinha T. J. M., Corrosion Reviews 24(5-6), 281-306 (2006).
  • "Corrosion behaviour of pipeline steel in CO2 environment" Das G. S., Khanna A. S., Trans. of the Indian Institute of Metals 57(3), 277-281, (2004).
  • “Characterization, Oxidation and Sulphidation Resistance of UNS7718 superalloy fabricated by laser forming” Mahapatra S., Khanna A. S., Corrosion 2002, Denver, USA. Paper No. 02390.
  • "Critical issues in laser surface alloying to form high temperature corrosion resistant alloys and near net shape components" Khanna A. S., Streiff R., Materials Science Forum (Part 1 and 2) 369-3, 767-774 (2001).
  • "Compositional characterization of CrN films deposited by ion beam-assisted deposition process on stainless steel" Kumar S., Raju V. S., Shekhar R., Arunachalam J., Khanna A. S., Prasad K. G., Thin Solid Films 388(1-2), 195-200 (2001).